hair loss treatment - remedy for hair loss

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hair loss treatment - remedy for hair loss


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Hair loss is actually a normal thing because the hair has its own life cycle but if the loss is prolonged and the amount of hair loss exceeds 100 strands per day then there may be cause for alarm. There are several causes of hair loss. It could be due to improper maintenance chemicals being incompatible with the job of the scalp or because of your health condition. Here are some of the unhealthy conditions of the body that can trigger hair loss as revealed by Diane Bergson MD of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York USA. 1. Anemia Hair loss can occur due to anemia by reason of iron deficiency in red blood cells. Iron is needed for healthy hair follicles. How to handle it: Pair an iron supplement with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps iron absorption are cheap and effective. 2. Certain drugs Hard drugs such as antidepressants diuretics and other Rx pills have side effects on hair loss. To fix this try talking to your doctor whether it is possible to lower the dosage of these drugs or if possible to replace these drugs with alternative treatments. 3. Hypo or hyperthyroidism Hormone imbalances can raise levels of a chemical called DHT that attacks hair follicles. Medicines to address both of these conditions can rebalance your thyroid hormone. 4. Lack of calories Usually the woman will do anything to lose weight including a strict low-calorie diet which will cause fatigue dehydration and cramps. To reduce this impact make sure you get enough protein in the diet. Protein is essential substances to maintain healthy and strong hair.

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5. Stress High levels of stress can cause hair follicles being "dormant" to be attacked by white blood cells with the condition that the hair loss will occur in the next few weeks. The solution: Relaxation. This can be in form of yoga meditation or some other means. Avoid pressure and stress to reduce hair loss before it really results to baldness. If the pores are closed it will be difficult to grow hair. You have to overcome stress as soon as possible so that hair can grow back. The hair is a crown for every woman while men often have problems with baldness. Hair Loss is one of the problems that often happen to us. To remedy this try some of these tips: 1. Avoid combing hair while it is wet. Let your hair dry naturally. The habit of combing your hair when wet must stop. start caring and loving your hair so that you do not have hair loss. 2. Select a comb. If you must use a scarf or would wear a hat you should comb your hair first we recommend using hair growth and hair loss drugs for the treatment of your hair. This will make your hair neatly preserved and also improve blood circulation in the head. 3. Do not overuse hair dryer. The temperature of the hair dryer must be low. Note also that when using it Keep a distance of about 10-15 cm from the hair shaft. Frequent hair drying will make your hair moisture to be damaged. 4. Frequent tying of your hair should be discarded. Especially when you sleep eliminate the habit of tying or pinning the hair firmly. It can make your hair brittle and fall out. Additionally the habit of covering your hair with head tie is not good for hair growth.

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5. To keep the moisture in the hair you should use protective headgear such as a scarf hat or umbrella when you are in the sun. 6. To make your hair appear healthier and for you to also look fashionable change the line of cleavage and hair style often. 7. Perform hair maintenance on the hair at least a minimum of 2 weeks. I hope you found this report useful. Check out our recommended product now for something much better