Yeast infection treatment - candida treatment home remedy

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Yeast infection treatment - candida treatment home remedy


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Yeast infection an ailment many people are living with has an impact on the overall health of an individual and makes it difficult to have a healthy and vital life. Medicine from the pharmacy such as Nystatin Diflucan Sporanox and Lamisil only masks the symptoms while Candida lives on in the body. How is it that this fungus manages to keep residing in the body and how do you win the battle against this troublesome and hazardous infection What causes Candida Our body contains yeasts and bacteria and in a healthy body these two are kept in balance. Due to various reasons antibiotic use poor nutrition stress this natural balance can be disturbed so the yeasts can prevail. This yeast such as Candida albicans gets the chance to develop into mold which is associated with numerous health problems such as thrush extreme fatigue and weight gain. The symptoms are so diverse that it is difficult to identify Candida directly as a malefactor and moreover the infection is only detectable in the blood at an advanced stage. How we cause Candida to thrive without keeping an eye on it we can with our own hands ensure that Candida continues to survive in our body and can spread at a rapid pace. The major culprit of this: our sugar consumption. Yeast lives on these nutrients so the more sugary food we eat the greater the survival of Candida. Now the present-day food industry ensures that sugar covers a large part of our food intake but when candida is fully present in the body one starts experiencing a storm of craving for sugary products. Candida mainly cries out for these foods in order to ensure that they can continue to go about their business. In addition these malicious yeast form is a great lover of stress: this fact increases the production of cortisol stress hormone in our bodies which in turn also increases the blood sugar level. The natural path to healing: food and tips to halt further development of Candida Major changes in diet helps to halt Candida naturally. This Candida "diet" contains very strict measures which should not be handled loosely.  Sugars should be completely banned from the diet. Its not just about sugar in the form of sweets and soda but a temporary or complete abstinence from carbohydrates. This is because all the molecules are carbohydrates which eventually by means of the digestion process will be reduced to sugar molecules and thus have the same effect on Candida as the pure sugar form. In order to get some form of

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carbohydrates which your body needs to generate energy consumption of vegetables oatmeal brown rice quinoa and millet can serve the purpose as it consists complex carbohydrates. The general rule is: the more natural the product the better it works against Candida.  Eating enough protein and healthy fat food is a must to eliminate Candida. This enhances the natural immune system helping the body to tackle Candida. Examples are wild fish organic red meat organic chicken organic eggs cod liver oil coconut oil avocado olive oil nuts preferably soaked to make them more palatable and seeds.  It is important to consume enough probiotic-containing products. These contain healthy bacteria to restore the natural balance of yeast. Sources of these are organic sauerkraut kombucha natto.  Fungal and yeast-containing foods are to be avoided. These include mushrooms and fungi both molds peanuts vinegar and products based on it and alcohol.  Drink plenty of purified water. As a result the body is able to more easily remove the toxic by-products so that they can do as little damage as possible.  It is important that the spiritual realm is functioning well as much as possible i.e. to minimize stress from emotional and psychological conditions.  Avoid exposure to chemicals and the use of medication. Sensitivities to certain chemicals are commonly reported by patients under medication. Candida ensures the good bacteria are destroyed in the body which makes it difficult to recover from a Candida infection. The natural path to healing: diet and supplements The following foods and supplements ensure that the fungi is slain and removed from the body.  Garlic: Its antifungal properties keep Candida at bay. Yeast cannot develop in the presence of garlic so that a high consumption of garlic is an effective method to keep the infection under control. In addition garlic stimulates the immune system making the body more strengthened to combat Candida. Garlic may be administered in its natural as well in capsule form. Although the natural form is preferred it is difficult to process the correct amount in the daily diet. Start it with a high dose and the symptoms of Candida will begin to reduce. In addition a clove of garlic can be inserted into the vagina to relieve pain and itching.  Olive Leaf Extract: A Hungarian survey shows that olive leaf extract is very effective in the fight against Candida. Olive leaf extract is available in capsule form. Start with a low dose and increase it if necessary.  Turmeric: From research at the Department of Microbiology at the Centro de Engenharias in Brazil shows that turmeric has great antifungal activity. Turmeric has an inhibitory effect on the attractive forces of Candida. Preparing food with this spice has a positive effect on the elimination of Candida.

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 Coconut oil: Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid which has a very high mold inhibiting activity. Daily ten to fourteen teaspoons of coconut oil should be enough to benefit from this.  Colloidal silver: This solution denaturalizes enzymes involved in the oxygenation of Candida. Take it sufficiently several tablespoons per day. Additionally colloidal silver also helps with vaginal yeast infection: dip a tampon therein along with a few drops of tea tree oil and aloe vera then insert the tampon into the vagina for thirty to forty minutes. A vaginal douche with colloidal silver is also a good way to get rid of the fungal infection.  Edible clays bentonite and montmorillonite: These clays are not absorbed by the body so that they end up in one piece in the intestines. There they absorb Candida and literally pull its gut off.  Boric acid: boric acid which may be in the form of a suppository reduces the itching that a fungal infection causes drastically. It acts as a mild antiseptic and has anti-viral and fungal destructive properties  Yoghurt: immersing a tampon in yoghurt and then inserting it into the vagina for thirty to forty minutes helps to combat candida in a natural way. Candida cure starts with you The pharmaceutical industry claims that fungal infections can be cured by pills and ointments in order to get the cash even to fill in some more. You can still take so many medications but when living conditions are far from optimal candida will continue to exist. To get the body to come back into balance on candida it starts with what you put in your mouth. " Linda Allen - certified nutritionist and former yeast infection sufferer teaches you her candida freedom step by step success system jam-packed with a valuable information on how to naturally and permanently eliminate your yeast infection from the ROOT and achieve LASTING freedom from candida related symptoms. CLICK HERE

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