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In virtue of easy operation, simple maintenance, low consumption, especially reasonable prices and high performance, FANWAY fish feed production machines have been increasingly popular in Nigeria fishery and feed market.


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Reasonably Priced Fish Feed Pellet Machine in Nigeria

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As is known to all Nigeria farmed fishing had been going through a long period of hardship including short of scale production of fish fries no essential equipment support and fish medicine supply insufficient fish feed outdated cultivation technology single breed variety and so on.

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The annual quantity demanded for Nigeria is about 2.6 million tons 346 billion Naira or so but the total value of its own yield and import volume is roughly 206 billion Naira which means the gap of supply and demand is around 140 billion Naira approximating to above 1.05 million tons. What a huge market it is

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Fish Feed Machine for Nigeria Fish Farm In order to help provide the well-balanced fish feed pellets for fish farmers at cost-effective prices FANWAY Fish Feed Machinery a very professional fish feed production plant designer and manufacturer has newly launched a series of fish feed machines with rational price and adequate quality based on the local market situations including fish feed extruder fish feed mixer droplet fish feed crusher fish feed hammer mill fish feed dryer/cooler and even fish feed pellet packaging machine etc.

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By using FANWAY fish feed extruder users can make fish feed pellets from cheap raw materials such as straw cereal bean pulp rice husk and corn etc. With simple structure easy operation high temperature and pressure processing this machine can produce both floating fish feed pellets and sinking fish feed without Salmonellosis and germ injection.

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Additionally FANWAY has also designed and manufactured low-cost and stable- quality 9FQ Series Fish Feed Milling Machine always connected to fish feed mixer in allusion to Nigeria fish feed market. In a word in virtue of easy operation simple maintenance low consumption especially reasonable prices with high performance FANWAY fish feed production machines have been increasingly popular in Nigeria fishery and feed market.

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