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The Dubai government has started to introduce Biometric Attendance Dubai with various airports to help ease the inefficiencies of scanning devices as well as so many other forms of technology.


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Best Biometric Attendance System in Dubai Fingerprint Dubai is a latest Leading Biometric Solution Provider for Security and safety in Offices, Shop, Corporate and govt. sector With all best management service in Dubai UAE.

Fingerprint Lock System in Dubai :

Fingerprint Lock System in Dubai 4-F-10 Fingerprint + 2B RFID Card 1-FS-20 Fingerprint + 2B RFID Card

Job Card Machine:

Job Card Machine 15-Job Card Date-Time Stamping Machine

Guard Patrolling System Dubai :

Guard Patrolling System Dubai With the help of Guard Patrolling system , security is safe. With this system, you will be able to have a safe life at all times and you will feel comfortable living. For more information, it is better to visit our website.

Fingerprint Access Control System In Dubai :

Fingerprint Access Control System In Dubai This system requires the transfer of one's passport, car license, credit card, cellular phone, ID card, luggage tags, or anything else that can facilitate movement between one's country of origin and one's home country.

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How To Reach Us: P.O Box : 51483 , HFZ Sharjah UAE E-MAIL: [email protected] TELEPHONE: (+971) 055 1787172 WORK HOURS: Sat. - Thu. 09AM - 06PM Office # E2-102G-35 51483 Al Sharjah , Ash Shariqah , United Arab Emirates Website:

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