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He is one of the most popular artists with an ability to create hyperrealist paintings on high-quality giclee prints. Fine Art Collector International sells his exclusive paintings online.


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Get the Best of Dmitri Annenkov at the Highest Quality Giclee Prints - Order Today If you are of the new millennium order and prefer quality fine art paintings there’s no way you wouldn’t have heard about Dmitri Annenkov. Apart from being one of the most sought-after creative artists from Russia he’s also among the few unique still-life artists still in business till date. If you want to learn more about his fine-art paintings and still-life portraits there’s a lot of data you can search on the internet but if you want to procure a high-quality Giclee Print or Digital Print copy you have arrived at the right place. Not only can you avail the latest of Annenkov but you’d also be welcome to discuss and know more about the Russian’s artwork and career life depending on how much you’d want to know and how much actually interests you apart from his few selective works and paintings. Why Annenkov has been symmetrically popular over the years

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The composition of rich colors and philosophy of still and animated forms both very reflective makes his art-work a treat to the eyes for many. Those who’ve understood art in fine detail will see that he uses his uniqueness with utter subtlety and to highlight that subtleness of sorts he’s always advised to use high- quality Giclee prints for all his paintings. The staunch focus on realism - both Western European Russian Photorealism - brings him forward in a crowd of hundreds and thousands of painters who are mostly lost in their respective abstract worlds. Dmitri Annenkov through his work strikes pertinently and in equal measures but that strike is straight to the heart a needled strike which has a long-duo effect on individuals and audiences in general. With Vladimir Putin himself gifting one of Annenkov’s paintings to the then President of the Republic of Georgia there’s a lot you can cherish when you lay your hands on the Dmitri Annenkov paintings available online at one of the largest inventories But if you are still confused which of his works to specifically target here’s a list of his most famous paintings -: 1. “Smooth and Rich” - Limited Edition Giclee - Canvas If you are a Gin or Cognac fan here’s one that you can dedicate to your thinking or study room or a gathering alley where you host your close friends and family every weekend. A classic bottle of French cognac Chateau Delamain accompanied by snifter glasses and a robust cigar. Price: 1975 2. “Chateau Petrus” - Original Oil Painting

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If you happen to love Oil paintings and cherish original oil-works by Annenkov then this beautiful piece can be center of attraction. The original work presents a bottle of Chateau Petrus Bordeaux wine one of the finest across the entire world with a corkscrew and wine glasses. Price: 9975 3. “Childhood Memories” - Limited Edition Giclee - Canvas The thought-evoking memory of childhood leaves you with a flavor of nostalgia but also presents a bit of grief for the time that was so beautiful yet is now past and distant memory. In this a teddy bear with apples and a glass of milk on the windowsill brings back memories of childhood. Price: 1350

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