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Film marketing companies provide unusual distribution solutions to the film makers. We have an experienced management team who understands the hurdles and challenges for the independent filmmakers. Film marketing services help to develop a strategy to find the film's audience and maximize small budgets. FMS will help you to promote your film in a better way for a wider distribution. Our services include international sales, North American sales, short films, broadcast, digital sales & strategic planning.


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Entertainment & Film Marketing Solutions Film Marketing Services


Film Marketing is used to promote a film to its respective audience and beyond. It is as important as the making of a Film. The primary objective of marketing is to make sure the film is seen as a ‘must-see’ film. Distributors have to plan their Marketing very carefully. Film Marketing companies help to create a Marketing campaign that presents their film as ‘unmissable’ Importance of Film Marketing


The film company has to market the film when a film has finished being edited and the final piece has been to the makers of the film. The way that a film is marketed can have an effect on whether the film is successful or if it is not successful. The films that are made cost a lot of money to make and market and if people do not see the film at the cinema, money will be lost for the film production company. Importance of Film Marketing


Film Reviews Trailers Media Advertising The Internet Promotions Merchandising Premieres Festivals Posters Types of Film Marketing


Film Marketing companies handle all the contract negotiations for International and Domestic Distribution across all platforms. They also help in arranging the film financing for films in development and create unique packages to make your film attractive to International and Domestic Financing outlets. They are the missing puzzle piece, you have been looking for in your film project Role of Film Marketing Companies


Film Marketing Services Film Marketing is the best Boutique Film Sales firm / Producers Representative with offices in Los Angeles and New York. If your film is in production and is in need of finishing funds or stuck in Post Production FMS can help as they have long lasting relationships with Post Production Facilities in Los Angeles. Film Company We Choose


Here are few FMS films The Park Bench The American Dream Somewhere Slow Love & Valvor The Lengths Powerful Medicine Simply Magic The Contradictions of Fair Hope FMS Films


Film Marketing Services, Inc. is the parent company of the following festivals. Marina del Rey Film Festival Culver City Film Festival Film Trailer Festival Playa Vista Film Festival Silicon Beach Film Festival Festivals


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