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Nutrition Tips for Bone Cancer Patients Bone Cancer is a malignant tumour that grows from the cells that make up the bones. The early signs and symptoms may vary from zero symptoms to severe bone pain. Bone Cancer can be detected using X-ray tests CT Scan and MRI. Good Nutrition is important when the body is fighting disease like Bone Cancer. The patient needs to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all diet plan as nutritional requirements depend on the manner in which the patient’s body processes food. The patient should approach the healthcare team for a customized diet plan and they shall suggest foods that can be consumed based on the diagnosis and treatment plan. Bone cancer treatment may induce nausea diarrhea weight loss fatigue low blood countsconstipation and increased risk of infection. Bone cancer patient may also notice that their taste buds have changed Bone cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy will notice that their taste preferences have temporarily changed. Foods that tasted yummypreviously may not be appealing now. Highly nutritious and well-charted diet plan will enable bone cancer patients to manage and tolerate cancer therapy stay healthy lead positive life and prevent relapse.To achieve this bone cancer patients must maintain good body hygiene and live in clean spaces with sterile kitchen sinks surfaces and cutting boards. Food Tips for Bone Cancer Patients • High-calcium foods such as almonds sardines peanut butter low-fat dairy foods and dark leafy vegetables • High-protein foods such as beans nuts legumes eggs meats poultry fish and dairy products • Vitamin C rich foods such as apples custard apples potatoes grapes guavas limes lemons pineapples mangoes tomatoes cauliflower and broccoli • Vitamin A rich foods such as carrots strawberries melons pumpkins and dark green vegetables • Bitter gourd to lowerblood sugar levels • Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage cauliflower and broccoli have plant chemicals that can convert bad estrogen into good estrogen. These plant chemicals reduce the risk of a relapse • Carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread rice pasta noodles chapatti wholegrain crackers oats and corn • Honey for its anti-bacterial properties • Stay hydrated to deal with gastro problems and constipation - Patients undergoing chemotherapy should consume at least 5 litres of water every day as chemotherapy dehydrates the patient’s body

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• The American Cancer Society recommendsconsumption of 5 servings of 5 different types of fruits and vegetables every day as this helps bone cancer patients to stay healthy and tolerate cancer treatment Eat Herbs to Alleviate Cancer Pain Turmericis the most popular anti-cancer herb prescribed for consumption for bone cancer patients. Turmeric and its extract Curcumin have high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that suppress cancer pain and destroy pain-causing free radicals in the body. Medical doctors advise bone cancer patients to incorporate curcumin supplements in their daily diet. Papain is an immune booster and it attacks cancer cells directly. It is an extract of unripe Papaya skin and is also believed to minimize effects of radiation. Papain can be consumed as Papain supplements and also applied over the skin. Ginger is good at minimizing inflammation pain and nausea.Ginger reduces prostaglandins – molecules that trigger pain. The extract of Ginger root either fresh or dried can be consumed in the form of powder oil and capsule. Nutritious Food will help bone cancer patients to • Stay healthy and lower risk of infection • Manage and tolerate side effects of cancer treatment • Maintain healthy body weight • Prevent health problems such as high BP diabetes and osteoporosis • Have positive outlook towards life Do remember Bone cancer patients should avoid unnecessary intake of Vitamin supplements. When taken in large doses these supplements act as antioxidants and interfere with the patient’s chemotherapy treatment. Foods to avoid during Bone Cancer treatment • Fast Food • High Salty Sugary and Fatty Foods • Preserved foods such as pickles century eggs kiam chye salted mustard green and jams as they contain sodium-nitrate which is a carcinogenic • Zero-calorie and low-calorie food • Fatty acid foods • Deep fried grilled and barbequed meats. Exposing animal protein to high heat releases carcinogenic byproducts called heterocyclic amines • Red meat and processed meats such as bacon ham and sausages • Foodthat has minimal antioxidants • Stimulants such as Caffeine Alcohol andNicotine

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• Foods that reduce appetite • Unwashed fruits and vegetables Fight Bone Tumors is the team of best bone cancer specialists in Hyderabad India with best Oncologists Orthopaedic Surgeons for Bone and soft tissue tumor treatment.