Top 9 Google My Business Setups & Benefits


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Google My Business is a unified interface designed by Google for businesses & organizations that manages the online presence of the Brand across the Google Search Engine. It enables you to connect your business with customers directly.


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22 % Google My Business Setup & Benefits

GMB : Google My Business:

GMB : Google My Business It is the unified interface designed for businesses & organizations to manage the online presence of the brand across the Google search engine. Google My B usiness manages Google multiple properties like Google Adwords, Reviews, Google+, YouTube & Google Analytics. GMB is a free and simplified dashboard that helps business owners to manage and update business listings across the Google ecosystem. Google My Business comes with a review feature that allows your customers to leave reviews that increases your chances of building better relationships with your customers.

Google My Business Setup:

Google My Business Setup Visit Google My Business & click start now. You have to log in with your Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail account, then you need to create a new Gmail account. Once you have logged in, a new screen appears where you will have to fill important information necessary for your businesses as shown on the next slide.

Google My Business Setup:

Google My Business Setup

Google My Business Setup:

Google My Business Setup 4. Once you enter all information about your business, then click continue. A new screen appears where Google My Business with an address or without an address. It means you need to specify the delivery of goods & services to your customer location or not. In Google My Business verification process, a pop up is prompted asking to verify your Google Business. Tick on.

Google My Business Setup:

Google My Business Setup 7.  Click continues to get a verification code.  A pop-up window will display to get your verification code. There are different ways to verify Google My Business as: Verifying the business listing with Postcard. Verifying the business listing by Email, Phone. Instant business listing verification with Google Search console. 8. After verifying the code, you need to visit your GMB account and introduce verification. 9. Your GMB Account is verified now. It is easy to update the current information once the account is verified.

Google My Business Benefits:

Google My Business Benefits F ree to use platform that offer desktop & mobile friendly interface for both local & online businesses. A llows customers to quickly access your business information such as working hours, address, website & contact number. Ensure c omplete optimized listing by displaying the 3-pack/snack pack business lists above organic results.

Google My Business Benefits:

Google My Business Benefits Increase the click-through rate by encouraging the consumer to add positive reviews. G ives local listing platform where you can display useful information relevant to your business & clients . 6. Offers you an access to insights. It shows the complete GMB analytics about customer search. 

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