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In order to solve this problem, you can create an interactive map through which you can send your customers' email addresses to, such as your website or your opt-in page.


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Top 3 Key Features of E-Commerce Marketing Automation Software Solutions for Small Businesses A lot of business owners do not really know the different aspects of e-commerce marketing automation because they have not come across this kind of technology. If you want to understand more about this then you better read this article. You will learn about some of the most popular e- commerce marketing automation software that is available today. Email as a marketing automation platform is one of the best things to happen to the e-commerce industry. It provides you with one of the biggest open platforms to market your products and it allows you to reach a lot of customers all over the world. Some of these features include building customised content creating personalized messages and even automating promotional campaigns depending on customer behaviour list management and many more. All these things make email marketing automation a very powerful tool that allows you to increase your customer base and attract new ones at the same time. Email campaign management allows you to analyse the performance of your email campaigns and see where you are making mistakes. Once you get to know the pulse of your customers you will be able to make correct adjustments to your strategy to improve your returns. Know more about:  eCommerce PIM  eCommerce OMS  eCommerce Marketing Automation Email marketing is a powerful way of spreading the word about your product. However not all customers share the same vision of what they want from a brand. This is why most marketers make use of lead capture options and opt-in forms on their web pages. However these forms of lead capture do not capture the real customer information. In order to solve this problem you can create an interactive map through which you can send your customers email addresses to such as your website or your opt-in page. Email marketing automation tools are also available in the form of software solutions. They are specially designed for web developers to automate the creation and distribution of newsletters emails promotional announcements and other internet-based promotions. This includes cross- platform integration with various web services such as WordPress Joomla and Drupal. A good email marketing automation tool also allows easy creation of online store front pages and blogs. These can be further customized to include images videos and text and modified according to the pre- established business rules. Many CRM platforms have been developed over the past years for businesses large and small to help manage their customers contacts and tasks. These CRM platforms allow marketers to organize contact information sales information and other business-related data in an efficient manner. Some popular CRM platforms are: Microsoft Dynamics CRM NetSuite CRM Thelp CRM and Agresso CRM. These platforms not only help you manage your customer database but they also help you in other aspects of e-business marketing such as tracking customer response monitoring and tracking business progress in addition to planning future strategies and task assignments. Apart from helping you in managing your customers and other activities marketing automation software solutions also help you in segmenting the market by geographical location browsing habits and other behavioural factors. It also helps you to segment your market by sales channels and offers. With the help of this solution you can easily decide what is hot what is not and what is popular

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among your target customers. With the combination of these three key features - automation segmentation and reporting - you can easily improve your e-business and help you in growing your customer base.