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Budgeting Planning for today and the future!

Topics of Discussion:

Topics of Discussion What is a budget? How to budget? When to budget? Why budgeting?

Question for Thought:

Question for Thought Have you ever attempted to budget your money? What did you do? Did it work? Think about these questions and we will discuss.

What is a budget?:

What is a budget? A budget is an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future A financial tracking system A financial plan

How to Budget?:

How to Budget? Track all incoming revenue Track all outgoing expenses Track savings Prepare for future expenses Invest wisely

When to Budget?:

When to Budget? The sooner the better! Anytime Track all transactions

Why Budgeting?:

Why Budgeting? It is effective! It is beneficial! It will help you today and in the future!

Can you Budget?:

Can you Budget? YES!!! More information provided Samples to follow


Goals Write down your goals and I will address everyone’s needs to create the ultimate budget!

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