Family members

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Family members:

Family members By Felipe Benavente

Homer’s family:

Homer’s family Grandmother Grandfather Father Mother Brother Sister Cousin Nephew Niece Daughter Son

Present continuous:

Present continuous We use present continuous to talk about actions that are happening at the momento of speaking . Subject + verb to be + main verb + ING She is listening to you I’m speaking right now I’m thinking about my girlfriend

Exercise 1:

Exercise 1 I_________( watch ) TV We _______( Kiss ) each other You _________( think ) about me Peter and Antonia_______( love / not ) each other Juanita________( study ) maths Felipe________ ( teach ) My dog ________( bark / not ) at you

Tell to your 5 actions you are doing right now:

Tell to your 5 actions you are doing right now Some verbs may help you : THINK-DO-LOOK-BREATH-WRITE-READ-PAY ATTENTION-DREAM AWAKE-

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