Skincare Secrets Every Woman Should Know before Turning 40

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Skincare Secrets Every Woman Should Know before Turning 40 If you are turning anything between 35 to 40 this year then you better give yourself the best gift ever. Do not depend on anyone else to make you happy or surprise you on your birthday. Gone are those days when happiness is associated with materialistic reasons or attributed to external catalysts. Those are short term happiness and are not going to leave you satisfied. The world is getting fitter and better every day. This has become a universal resolution. Eat Better Look Better and Live Better Forever But it takes a lot of confidence to be yourself as well as resilience to stick to a strict skincare regime also while selecting your skincare product Online. Though once you start getting results you swear by the practice. It becomes even crucial when approaching mid-thirties. A juncture of life when muscles will start getting weak and your first line of defence will also show signs of giving up. Therefore it becomes important to make yourself the centre of your life so that you can take better care of others. Skin the most exposed organ of the body since birth hence they start showing signs of ageing early. It is not a time to wait for any clue but start the skincare regime on Day 1. Make it happen before a few months of your birthday so that you find the best gift for yourself. A Young Rejuvenating You There are few of the skincare tips which one should include in their daily routine as important as eating a proper diet: The Right Cleanser Start using a suitable cleanser for your skin which is not too harsh and free from chemical substances. As the skin starts ageing they become weak to tolerate chemical substances. Therefore it is also wise to shift from artificial beauty products to Ayurveda products. Natural products have always existed in our eco-system but they have not been accepted by the majority. Now with brands like Forest Essentials consumers’ belief in Ayurveda beauty products are shifting. For example cleansers made from honey lemon and rosewater or a natural combination of saffron and neem has been proved to purify the skin. Rosewater is known for its unending list of benefits like hydrating and tightening skin are the most important ones.

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Day Lotion Pick up day lotions wisely. Skin change as you age. Either they become too oily or become dry therefore its important to understand if it needs a change with the lotion. Irrespective of lotions make sure there is a good amount of SPF during summers. Moisturizers help in retaining the water level of the skin as well as keep it lustrous too. Ayurveda Moisturizer advises to use lotions like a mix of Madurai Jasmine and Neroli or give your skin a boost of Vitamin C of Orange Peel and smoothness of Sandalwood. Forest Essentials offers a range of such combinations to suit everyone’s requirement. It is important to moisturize your skin as it ages at least 2-3 times per day. Age-delay creams Age delay products have become a new facade of selling chemical-filled creams. Most of the women would choose such products to retain youthful skin but is that really help in the long term Or it is deteriorating the skin slowly and steadily Ayurveda way of life stresses on the fact that nature has given us everything only if we choose to look around. Forest Essentials Tejasvni Emulsion Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir and Soundarya Cream. For instance Soundarya Cream is made up of Gold Bhashma mixed with ghee as well as liquorice also acting as a natural sunscreen. If you swear by such natural elements you will owe it to the environment forever. Makeup Removal- Go for Facial Oil No one should give up love for make-up and why you should. From colossal kajal to highlighting your cheekbones as well as defining eyeliners go for anything and everything

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that suits you. Move away from soap-based washes of make-up removers. Use light ones like Forest Essentials’ Facial Oil for removing make-up. It leaves the skin clean as well as enhances the texture of it. But with the daily skincare ritual combine it with the right food items as well as physical activities. To retain healthy and beautiful skin maintaining the right balance is crucial.

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