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Is Skype a viable alternative to traditional communication methods for business?:

Is Skype a viable alternative to traditional communication methods for business? By Adam Fazackerley

What is Skype?:

What is Skype?

VoIP: The future?:

VoIP: The future?

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Skype User Accounts: 521 Million 40 million subscribers a quarter Free calls to other Skype Users Free International Calls Cheap Calls to Mobiles and Landlines Video Conferencing worldwide Free software Skype account for 10% of International calls

Skype: Here, There, Everywhere:

Skype: Here, There, Everywhere



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Free Software Free Skype to Skype Calls Free Calls to Skype Mobiles HD Web Conversations to TVs by 2010 Cheap call plans to Landlines and Mobiles Over 500 Million Accounts The Most Popular VoIP service used by Businesses File Sharing



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Poor Customer Service Security Requires a broadband connection Time Delays and Glitches Not Available in all countries Problems working on Smartphones

Traditional Methods:

Traditional Methods

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Free Calls to your business from landlines/Mobiles Capped 5p for an hour long calls to landlines Capped 20p for hour long calls to mobiles Capped 10p for hour long calls to Europe and USA Capped 20p for Rest of the world Internet for business - £27.50 a month with Mobile Broadband Mobile – Included Shared Minutes, Unlimited Landline Calls, 8p per minute to Europe, Unlimited Internet and Texts from £30

Is it cost effective?:

Is it cost effective?

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Free Calls, Video Calls, IM and Web conferencing to Skype Members Free installation for Skype Business Members £0.012 per min to most Landlines and Mobiles worldwide Free Software – easy for employees and customers to communicate for free! Calls, Video calls, Web Conferencing , IM and File sharing all in one Teleworking made more realistic “Skype brings the people I work with closer, customers closer and we can work more effectively and save $2,000,000 in the process” - Maxim “Skype has helped us build our global communication to be more efficient and has to be said one of our greatest assets to growth of the company ” - Ripcurl “Skype means we save on travel costs, we help the environment, hotel costs and even when travel is necessary, Skype helps us keep in touch with minimal costs which is important as were a small company” - Moo



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Poor Customer service 90% of Customers believe Skype don't offer enough support 60% of customers believe Skype take long to communicate Requires a good internet connection Training required vs Uncertainty

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Is Skype a viable alternative to traditional communication methods for business? In my opinion ... Yes! This is due to ...

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Skype to Skype is Free! Skype includes Calls, Video Calls, IM, File Transfer and Web Conferencing all in one! Launch of HD video calls on TV in 2010 Strong Customer base – 85% would recommend Leaders in VoIP

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To make Skype viable ... Launch Skype in other countries Overhaul their customer service Solve Smartphone problems

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