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If you want to send your good wishes for the upcoming special occasion, you need to choose Ecards Malaysia. This is the best option that will let you send your message to your relatives or friends with just a few clicks. Therefore, it would be great to browse FaveKad’s site where you can easily choose your ecard. Reach out to us: [email protected]


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Choose your E-cards for special occasions at favekad:

Choose your E-cards for special occasions at favekad

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About us: FaveKad is the first Malaysian company to develop, produce and disseminate electronic greeting cards ( ecards ) or better known as FaveKad ) with an Asian / Malaysian flair. FaveKad was establishedin January, 2017 to give everyone a reason to connect.In addition to giving everyone a reason to connect, the Asian and Malaysian flair ecards are intended to create awareness and inform Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike about the natural assets and heritage of Malaysia. Other than the Everyday and Special Day FaveKads , the Festival and Landmark FaveKads feature prominent and less-known places and practices of the people in Malaysia.

Customized ecards for all occasions at favekad:

Customized ecards for all occasions at favekad Festivals are special occasions that most people celebrate. You can send your best wishes to your loved ones with the help of specially designed Festival Ecards . Cherish the beauty of these special occasions with these ecards .


Presently, greeting cards Malaysia online is trending and there are several advantages to benefit from these type of greeting cards. These are easy to search and simple to compose and the best part is; these greeting cards Malaysia online need only a few clicks from searching to composing and sending. Therefore, this super cool method along with its advantages are possible to achieve with the right sources.


It feels meaningful when you are greeting your loved ones with specially customized cards. Messages are well delivered and relationships are strengthened. With thousands of ecards available online, greetings are made easy plus you feel excited while making selections. This is the main reason why most people visit FaveKad to choose their favourite ecards to compose and send to their loved ones. What an outstanding experience to send ecards in your very own way and when the right ecards are chosen and presented to your better half, comes a greater feeling of satisfaction.

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Contact us Address: 1 , Cangkat Sungai Ara 2,11900 Bayan Lepas , Pulau Pinang, Malaysia Ph : + 6046443636 Fax : + 60 46441808 Email id: [email protected] Website: