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INVENTORY MANAGEMENT REFERS In general, inventory management refers to the strategy by that businesses handle tangible resources and materials so as to create positive resources are promptly accessible to be used. The target of inventory management is to produce uninterrupted production, sales, and/or customer-service levels at the minimum price. Since for several corporations inventory is that the largest item within the current assets class, inventory issues will and do contribute to losses or maybe business failures.


ESOLPK’S INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ESOLPK’s Inventory Management System is an innovative cloud-based inventory management solution that has been designed to assist little and medium retail businesses and organizations with their inventory recording, chase and management desires. This ‘all-in-one’ inventory management solution leverages the trendy IT support to modify and alter all you inventory management tasks, which require quality time and efforts.


You’ll depend on ESOLPK’s inventory for 100% accuracy and security for your crucial inventory information. One will access this inventory management system through any browser or mobile application, which may be downloaded on iOS and android platforms. ESOLPK’s Inventory System is getting used by over 50,000 users across the world, which utterly depends on its innovative options and tools.


ESOLPK’S INVENTORY PERMITS ESOLPK’s inventory permits the user to feature products/items in outlined classes, that additional eradicates any kind of confusion whereas chase or viewing inventory records of any specific product/item, lying with various alternative products in the stock. The user will add as several categories s/he desires, as per the individual business desires and needs.

Purpose of ESOLPK's Inventory software system:

Purpose of ESOLPK's Inventory software system ESOLPK's Inventory is a simple to use software package that manages your inventory, customers and invoices. It’ll alter you to cope with additional data more quickly and with more ease. The result is, you'll save time, effort and cash.


Specialty Easy to use-Our Configuration is extremely easy. Creating and managing the invoices are terribly simple. Increased Productivity-Many tasks become automatic like changing quotes to invoices, chase outstanding charges, reordering, chase of invoices etc. Quality Support-we build regular updates obtainable with the newest options. we additionally provide email support, tips and tricks on serving to you to manage your inventory. Customized Language Support-We will prepare the software system altogether languages supported the client's desires Sms notification-By using our software system, you'll maintain client relationship. By our software system you'll send sms to your regular customers. General Remainders-We will set remainder in our software system concerning stock details, general remainders etc.

Boost potency:

Boost potency Boosting your warehouse potency is yet one more advantage of implementing ESOLPK's inventory management systems. you'll quickly and simply notice inventory by utilizing selecting locations within ESOLPK's inventory system, ensuing an exceptionally sleek order fulfillment. Inventory can even be simply transferred between selecting locations or multiple warehouses, guaranteeing your inventory is out there wherever and when you want it.

Accurate time period data:

Accurate time period data Making sure your inventory counts are correct in period of time has never been easier with inventory chase tools. Once you receive or sell inventory, stock levels are mechanically adjusted consequently. ESOLPK additionally has in-built cycle counts that permit you to fine-tune your inventory counts once acceptable.

Inventory with Multi-Location:

Inventory with Multi-Location With the whole inventory database being recorded on a centralized and secured server, the user will access this inventory management solution from any a part of the world. The user desires a compatible device, a PC, laptop computer or any mobile device that runs ESOLPK’s inventory App and an internet connection. When that, s/he will add, views, edit, track and manage the inventory records from multiple locations. This feature is useful for all those business owners, who area unit continuously travel for business functions.

Multiple Users:

Multiple Users The multiple user practicality value-added to ESOLPK’s Inventory System permits the admin to feature up to twenty five users along with distribution totally different levels of accessibility and modification rights, as per their associated roles and the business want. The top admin will decide and customize the administration privileges for every and each user approaching the ESOLPK’s Inventory dashboard.


CONCLUSION With our years of expertise, we will facilitate design an answer that may work for each your budget and additionally how your company does business. Be happy to offer us a decision and discuss your desires. We’d be happy to supply you with a tailored proposal.

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