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14 Fashion Trends For Winter


AUTUMN / WINTER 15-16 FORECAST Prints Prints this season portray the sentiment of expression, solid architecture and splatter through mixed media 170 Fabrics Cultural influences, technical finishes, natural rough surfaces and traditional knitting techniques together bring out the fabric themes. 164 Yarns Fibres intertwine together creating yarns inspired by nature, science, culture and technology 160 148 Lifestyle The community will find new methods for creating a product, bringing into picture −skill, people and quality. 132 aking pride in the idea of creation and innovation, the winter of T 2015 will be a season of global c eleb r a tion. G r adu a ting f r om a hard hitting recession, to a summer which believed in exploration and restoring what felt lost, we will evolve into a season of total rediscovery. The community will find new methods of making a product, a notch higher than cheap industrialisation, based on the mind and hand bringing into picture − skill, people and quality. Craft and technology together will be well tried and well accepted notions that will form a new foundation of our day to day life. The ‘cloud’ age will connect the world in ways which are exhilarating to imagine and the planet will become smaller than ever. Long gone ideas will reemerge to form new ones, and conversing with the green of nature will be of utmost importance. In all, from a recent time where we were discovering different media of art and using them as only as an expression to be noticed, we will evolve into a time where society would be investing in such ideas, and the price will be paid for by the ethereal value of a product. Colours Colour palettes are derived from lifestyles, bringing out the feeling of preferences and choices made


14 A UTUM N / WINTER 2015-16 THE AGE OF TOTAL “REDISCOVERY” –A world where human and technology will be one.


An infinite journey of pushing information and media to ‘infinity and beyond' … -Google


Sports define a meaningful social activity – Societies are built on the basis of continual data that records healthier global lifestyles. 4 5


Interior spaces move closer to nature with the ease of industrial design technology - rustic and minimal homes define the new industrial chic. 6


Traditional concepts of the human mastermind meet automation and robotics of the present to create products that are unique in this new ‘human-space'.


The ones who defy modernism - weave and knit architectural designs that are organic , not to lose a sense of all things ‘indigenous'.


A hybrid world is in the making –bringing together ‘bio and synthetic' objects to create a ‘biotech self-sustaining world'. 10


‘Waste' forms the source for natural raw material to facilitate design that is crafted to create a sustainable hi-tech future.


This fall, technology comes into the spotlight, bringing in the inspiring and unexpected collaborations between man and the virtual world. Different time zones, miles of distance, or even a lost phone number, nothing in today’s world can come in between a heartfelt conversation between two people. With apps and social media platforms at the consumer’s fingertips, the virtual world has now connected millions across the planet. The cheerful shades of Empire Yellow, Fiesta, Jelly Bean, Dazzling Blue and Fuchsia Pink depict the loopholes of space and time bridging illustrating global linkages. HYPER-CONNECT PANTONE 14-0756 TPX PANTONE 15-2718 TPX PANTONE 17-1564 TPX PANTONE 14-4313 TPX PANTONE 17-6031 TPX PANTONE 14-1506 TPX PANTONE 18-3949 TPX PANTONE 19-3138 TPX


autumn/winter 2015-16 | colour | FFT magazine 151 150 Fashion Forward Trends The confines of cultures widen when different ethnicities of the world open their doors to foreign lands, joining hands and celebrating a global fest of tradition and folklore. The new interpretations of handicraft techniques and traditional skills continue to fascinate the world, painting a picture of an indigenous past in the tints of Macaw Green, Empire Yellow and Pompeian Red. Picking up the blues of the open sky and the indigo dye, the palette comes together as a CULTURAL FEST PANTONE 17-4139 TPX PANTONE 19-3939 TPX PANTONE 16-0230 TPX PANTONE 18-1658 TPX PANTONE 14-0756 TPX PANTONE 18-3905 TPX PANTONE 16-1451 TPX PANTONE 14-4816 TPX decorative authentic mix with the shades of the sun and hues of the bloom. 2


Owing to the changing environment, people are impelled to adapt a healthier lifestyle and with growing inclination for an organic production process, clothing and food habits, acquire the territory of organic commodities. Drawn from the roots, the tints of brown stone and fiery red edifices trace the path of organic living, whereas healthy shades of spicy orange, apricot wash and green banana come together as a natural palette with zero artificial colour building a sustainable food basket for the future. ORGANIC AFFAIR PANTONE 15-4105 TPX PANTONE 14-0434 TPX PANTONE 13-0758 TPX PANTONE 18-1445 TPX PANTONE 14-1230 TPX PANTONE 18-2027 TPX PANTONE 18-1664 TPX PANTONE 19-1322 TPX


In this frenetic world, a healthier lifestyle, an active routine, a nourished diet chart, and the will to pursue recreational activities is the new priority of life. To bring a balance into their fast paced lives, and to diminish the concerns of diseases and gradually shortening life-cycle, consumers adapt the trend of exercise and meditation. Red Orange, Blazing Yellow, Foliage, Baton Rouge, Riffle Green, Artisan’s Gold, Peach skin and Mauve Orchid, from the fruity juices, salad greens and root vegetables provide for a ‘nutri-card’ of colours, depicting marriage of health and performance. PANTONE 17-1464 TPX PANTONE 19-1656 TPX PANTONE 12-0643 TPX PANTONE 19-0419 TPX PANTONE 16-0237 TPX PANTONE 15-1049 TPX PANTONE 16-2111 TPX PANTONE 14-1907 TPX NOURISHED 4


Although living in a commercial set-up, the consumer, fearful of losing the green, takes refuge under the umbrella of nature and constructs spaces around him with true impressions of raw beauty that nature beholds. Logs, planks, bark and branches with their unprocessed textures bring out the shades of Nimbus Cloud, Zinc, Frappe, Russet, Dark Green, Garnet and Sparrow in a processed construction. The quest for bringing nature into the household displays a wonderful array of nature’s spectrum, transforming the traditional looking colours into something more modern. PROCESSED – UNPROCESSED PANTONE 13-4108 TPX PANTONE 19-5513 TPX PANTONE 17-2601 TPX PANTONE 19-1655 TPX PANTONE 14-1212 TPX PANTONE 18-1404 TPX PANTONE 18-1235 TPX PANTONE 19-1327 TPX


This season witnesses the birth of an individual who rediscovers the emotion of strong malevolence. This maleficent individual not only brings out the dark side of the fairy tales and takes inspirations from the lavish evil queen, but also embodies a mysterious and hidden strength. Emulating the mystifying ambiance, the dark hues of purples and browns display the depth and intensity of a mysterious and hidden strength, mixed with a hint of sinister romance depicted through tints of Tea Rose, Pureed Pumpkin, Crimson, Meadow Violet, Burgundy and deep Garden Green. ACRIMONY PANTONE 16-1620 TPX PANTONE 13-1108 TPX PANTONE 17-1449 TPX PANTONE 16-1310 TPX PANTONE 19-1762 TPX PANTONE 19-1617 TPX PANTONE 19-3526 TPX PANTONE 19-0230 TPX


autumn/winter 2015-16 | yarns | FFT magazine 161 Fashion Forward Trends 160 CONTEMPORARY FOLK Taking up the influences from traditional artistry, this story looks upon the dynamic and vibrant handmade aspect of yarn creation. Wool and cotton fibres are tufted, twisted and looped in irregular structures in the process of re- awakening the age-old techniques with a contemporary twist. Multicolour slubs intertwine with needle punched fur yarns to bring out an artistic and vibrant entity creating assemblies of texturised fabrics. Medleys of marbled and mixed fibres interweave an array of layered and rhythmic braids incepting a fairytale about the amalgamation of creativity and expression. STRUCTURED This fall, technology comes into the spotlight, bringing in an array of inspiring and unexpected collaboration between varied fibres and industrial paraphernalia. Smooth and polished structures are created with much ease owing to the varied possibility of machinery and manufacturing options. Polyesters and cottons are coated and waxed to display their glorious laminated surface. Fibres are plied together around a stiff yarn to gather maximum area for light reflection. Techniques, machines and logic are applied to expedite the increasing realms of smooth, glossy and filament-like yarns. The lines are curved and layers are austerely superimposed to build fluid and articulated yarns.


Minerals, organic surfaces, composite natural forms and all things raw have incepted a chronicle of degeneration and psychedelia. Minerals, rocks, fossil imprints inspire yarns with a composite fantasy, building on layered elements and diverse substrates. The visual appeal of the fibres and yarns evoke the fragility and delicacy of calcite rocks, tree bark textures and oil on water pattern. Mineral and azoic basic textures are brought to life though weathered and mistreated leather, cottons and jutes. Glimpses of the raw and rugged, in the hallucinatory world of nature amuses one with the variety of fibres and plying inputs. To develop the sense of belongingness and dominion, an urge to regain contact with the holistic ecosystem gives birth to an amalgam of natural luminosity with technological applications. Iridescent shine and holographic shimmer come together in a cohesive merger witnessing formations of hybrid blends and textures in combined effects. Yarns with transparency, plastic-feel, lustre and smooth surfaces drop a hint to the futuristic sci-fi clothing genre. Pile height manipulations, needle punching fur formations and metallic surface creations present to the world an unending plethora of technological finishes and chemical treatments on natural and organic surfaces. Recycled synthetics mixed with lurex, PV, PU and nylons add to the experimental edge. R AW BIO-S Y NTH E TIC


3D SURFACING Fabrics project the third dimensionality of their radiant surface effects achieved through an amalgamation of hand skill and machine creativity. Lace fringes are super-imposed on top of transparent tear-shaped sequins and dual color matt sequins are sewn on mesh to create an illusion of a woven surface pattern. Ornate floral patterns are fashioned on jerseys with couching and fabric gathering technique. Smooth widely spaced mesh is elegantly laid over light-weight knits and shell buttons are garnished all over in abstract patterns, bringing out the decorative aspect of the natural cotton. Lively synthetic surfaces are morphed and modified in movement to CLASSIC DISTORTION The story of the classic plaid, checks and tartan patterns are now revamped and resurrected, making the traditional patterning visually deceptive. Herringbones, pinstripes, twills, and hound’s-tooths endure graceful makeovers, bringing out broken and optical aspects of the conventional highland mountain woven patterns. The fabrics witness transient effects and illusive twists during the weaving processes, acquiring reworked and resized manipulated versions of the conservative geometrics. Tartans, twills and checks are composed together with animal prints, pulling in poles apart elements into one pattern whereas twills undergo shape variations leading Courtesy by HP Singh create pliable pleats and pintucks. to creation of broken and wrecked chevrons. Courtesy by HP Singh


DARK FANTASY Fluid and festive fabrics reveal the preciousness of the not-so-conventional Princess’s Wardrobe, where the ambiance feeds on dark demeanour and dolorous setting. The fabrics take inspiration from the closet of an evil princess, who usurps the privilege to adorn herself with all things ornate and decorative, with a hint of prophetic gloom. Intricate embroideries, flock printed floral surfaces, shiny and shimmery chenille knits and lavish laces fabricate the fiery vibe of this murky and mysterious story. Reflective glass nylons and organzas embellished with strokes of shiny threads and laser leather floral appliqué on lace tend to induce a tricky atmosphere of ambiguity. Velvets, screen printed marbled fabrics, synthetic tulle with lurex, columns of sequins merging with couched wool impeccable finishes adding depth and drama to the purely visionary trend. threads on net permeate the dark essence into the theme. METALLIC Opaque and translucent metallic fabrics unfold the majestic and futuristic range of performance coatings, ethereal metal tones and ephemeral colorations. Owing to the multiple mirror aspects and dazzling marls of this futuristic story, shiny leathers, radiant rexines, lustrous lamés and glistening heat set polyesters create a new visually appealing direction for the sci-fi inclined mass to follow. Transitory fabrics with laser cut, plastic feel, iridescent shine and holographic shimmer drop a hint of the ultramodern fashion forward times to come. Leather, nylon, neoprene and mesh complete the picture providing metallic coating, complex structures, smooth Courtesy by HP Singh Courtesy by HP Singh


WHIMSICAL KNITS Boucle, slub and spiral yarns knit a narrative fairytale of varied patterns with cable, purl and interlocking stitches. With fanciful portrayals of knits in distinct sculptural effects, varieties of intarsia, ribs and waffles are now seen embracing this rising experimental niche. Colorful yarn applications and knit jacquards do justice to the wide experimental possibilities making interesting eccentric knit designs. Patterned single jerseys and simplexes are seen in a capricious amalgamation with delicate laces and white thread work. The archetypical fleece knits are revamped and presented in manipulated versions consisting of surrealistic swirls on the surface and screen printed floral designs. Multi-colour ombre effect yarns bring out distinctive avatars of double, popcorn and waffle knits, showing an impressive emergence this season. is infused into the conventional embossed structures in jacquard patterns. ARTISTIC Folk influences from the last fall carry on in this season with a blast of creativity and expression, characterised by elements from the Middle Eastern and Native American Indian. The essence of art and craft is depicted through mayhem of prints, crafted knits, patterned plaids and raw handmade impressions and motifs. Surfaces get inspired by the organic surfaces and colour blast of the traditional slow folk. Geometric woven patterns, cable knit manipulations, multi- colour weaves and an array of braided effects, intermix of fibres and mish mash of slubs, chenilles, and flock yarns. Feather like surfaces are created from soft moss-like pile fleece and contemporary twist Courtesy by HP Singh Courtesy by HP Singh


1 2 FLAT S OLID Solid shapes in flat colorus will be arranged, one on top of the other, to create compositions and patterns of modern perspectives, used throughout − in architecture, interiors and also in graphics. Having its roots deeply influenced by the minimalist movement, geometric abstractions in visual imagery will outline a more structured eye of looking at paint and fine art. . .


MIXED M EDIA Emerging from a more recent phenomenon of the human mind – ‘a sense of collage’ has taken over visual arts, giving an artist the power of exploring new boundaries in the idea of proportion. Mixing art and craft, fashion and photography with digital imagery and graphics – Mixed Media is shouting its way to define the art of the 21st century. . . 7 8 9


FREE S TROKE In reaction to the ‘flat’, a highly expressive brush stroke has taken birth to be called a ‘superstroke’. Spreading like wildfire in contemporary times, style is reaching out as a movement in itself, defying realism to create artworks that voice the rebellion of the artist behind. Adding texture and strokes to a mixed choice of media, the style vouches to now be emotionally charged. . . 11 12


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