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WaveMaker Slides by Irina Roznov ăţ Marina Ghiurc ă Ş tefan Apostoaie Alexandru Chica

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"WaveMaker is the best thing that we've run across since chocolate milk." Neal Hacker, CEO, Dynaroo

"It is literally possible to have a simple web application running in 15 minutes straight," :

"It is literally possible to have a simple web application running in 15 minutes straight," Bastian Maat of SAP Belgium


Introduction WaveMaker provides a RAD tool for Ajax developers, allowing developers to create rich internet applications without having to learn complex coding languages. LiveForms and Templating

Why choosing WaveMaker?:

Easy to use platform to build web apps: Web Fast Generates pure Java web application: CIO Safe One-button deployment: Virtualization-ready Services architecture: The face of SOA Why choosing WaveMaker ?

WaveMaker Sweet Spot:

WaveMaker Sweet Spot When to use WaveMaker: Rapid Application Development projects Form-driven database apps Front end “face” for SOA architecture When NOT to use WaveMaker: Complex transactional systems (traditional J2EE) Complex workflow (traditional BPM)


Features WaveMaker applications are based on industry standard open source technologies including:Spring (Java server), DOJO (Ajax widgets), Hibernate (database access), JAXWS (web services), JSON-RPC (client/server communication) and Acegi (security).

WaveMaker Server :

Java Services : Integrate existing Java code. Web Services : Connect with web services created using WSDL, REST or RSS. Databases : Connect to almost any relational data source and import schema. Security : Use LDAP, database security, rolebased access controls and single-sign on solutions. Flexible Deployment : WaveMaker Studio creates standard WAR _les that can be deployed to any JDK 1.5+ Java Server. One-click Cloud Deployment : Applications built in WaveMaker Studio can deploy directly to EC2. RightScale Integration : For multi-server deployments, WaveMaker integrates with RightScale's cloud management platform . WaveMaker Server

WaveMaker Client :

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio : An intuitive, browser-based, WYSIWYG visual builder for rapidly assembling web applications. One-Click Widget & Template Publishing : Turns any WaveMaker page into a widget or template for reuse in projects. Enterprise-Ready Data Widgets : Pre-built templates & Ajax components assist in building a rich user interface in any browser without writing code. Live Forms : Create CRUD database forms with a single click. Live Layout : Preview live data within the Studio. And more...Charting Widgets, Diagnostics, Context-sensitive Help, Type Validation Flags, Resource Manager WaveMaker Client

WaveMaker client-server interaction:

WaveMaker client-server interaction

WaveMaker and the competition:

WaveMaker and the competition WaveMaker , Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight Common features between WaveMaker and AdobeFlex Used for developing Ajax based applications and Java technologies Component based development: Containers/Layout Components, UI Elements, Data Connectors Components can be extended for additional capabilities or reuse Containers control layout (Canvas, Vertical Box, Horizontal Box) UI components display data, control interactivity or display states or other visual feedback (Datagrids, lists, buttons, selects menus, radio buttons, etc.) Data components load or send data (Services, XML, Remoting, etc)

WaveMaker Studio Architecture:

WaveMaker Studio Architecture WaveMaker Studio Databases Web services Dojo Widgets Templates (CSS, HTML) Java WAR file Database structure Widgets Templates Pure Java Web Application Import Export

WaveMarker Deployment Architecture :

WaveMarker Deployment Architecture C U S T O M W I D G E T S D O J O S P R I N G Data-base WEB Servi - ces & SOA Secu-rity JSON Request JSON Response

WaveMarker - JSON:

JavaScript Object Notation lightweight data-interchange format easy to read and to write (for humans) easy to parse and generate (for machines) completely language independent, also similar to C-family of languages reduces bandwidth requirements by reducing the amount of traffic between the client (Web Browser) and the server (Web / App Server). WaveMarker - JSON

WaveMarker – technologies built on:

Acegi Ant Antlr Apache CommonsDojo Ezmorph Fast Infoset Hibernate Hypersonic DB Java JAF JAX-WS JAXB JDOM JSON Log4j ROME SAAJ SJSXP Spring StAX Tomcat WSDL4J XML WaveMarker – technologies built on

WaveMarker - Issues & limitations:

Hibernate usage can be a potential performance bottleneck. When creating or editing the table structure extra care is needed since all the data in the database can be lost. The modification of the data model incurs another import of the entire data source – in the development phase this can mean serious headaches. Does not support RPC/encoded style WSDL -> not all WSs are supported. WaveMarker - Issues & limitations

WaveMaker and the World Wide:

WaveMaker and the World Wide

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