How To Get Real Facebook Likes

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Your goal then is a Facebook page very useful and I expect that you're going to attract more fans. You make specific choices and have a clear purpose. For this purpose you also know who your target audience. The latter is important, very important. With a clear target audience, you can add meaningful content to your page.


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Get Real Facebook Likes:

Get Real Facebook Likes

Why do you want more fans?:

Why do you want more fans? A question we may have forgotten why we actually want more fans? What is your goal? A. You want to know the target audience? Want to talk with them? You want them to gain confidence in you and your products? B. Or you just want more, like more traffic to your site and more followers on Twitter? And you see what it is worth in the future.

Meaningful content for your audience on your page:

Meaningful content for your audience on your page First, the most important thing that you have meaningful content on your page. You chose what the target audience is and you know the need. There's your business to build and therefore your website, newsletter, and LinkedIn actions too the focus. Your Facebook business page, so has this focus.

Welcome tab on your page:

Welcome tab on your page A welcome tab on your page, more than doubles the number of new fans. People who first countries on the bulletin board (default setting) often do not know where to start. A welcome tab you can explain them what and who it is, what they can expect, and questions on the Like ("Like") button again. Call to Action helps people follow that better than they have to figure out for themselves what they should do.

Invite friends to like your fans page:

Invite friends to like your fans page This option is often used early. The page starts, almost everything is completed, there is no further action on the page, and then the Facebook friends are invited. Put your page on. Make sure that the page looks good, with a nice banner and a welcome tab. Provide status updates and images, possibly even a video. Make sure that the information part is completely filled with links to your website. Once it is running, use this button.

Updates from your fans page spread through social media:

Updates from your fans page spread through social media If you place an update in your Facebook page that nowhere else is spread this message than once through Twitter and / or LinkedIn. Especially if your audience is also active on these networks. The link to the status update is behind the date. For example, this question on the Social Media Examiner stands alone on the page. This question can also spread in other social networks. So you draw new people to your page.

You mention page in the signature of your email:

You mention page in the signature of your email In any mail program, you have the option of placing a signature. Default under any email sent to assist you get your contact information. You did now though, right? In these contact details you put the link to your Facebook page.

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Get More Facebook Likes Get More Comments Get More Fans Get More Edge Rank

Like button on each article:

Like button on each article This like button creates a distribution of your article within Facebook . Everyone on your blog, comes in an article, and a Facebook account can so spread your article.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The more pages you liked, the more people will see your face in facebook widgets around the web.

Tag Fans pictures on post :

Tag Fans pictures on post You make pictures of your fans or target instance during an event. Then add these photos to your Facebook page and asked people to tag (themselves).

PowerPoint Presentation:

Publish regular updates. Updates go about your fans not about you. Provide good content updates. Care for exclusive updates, which are found nowhere else. Ask questions. Respond to questions from fans. Delete spam. Put your fans in the limelight.

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Follow these steps and Get more F acebook likes on fans page