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How To Find Best Masonry Contractors?:

How To Find Best Masonry Contractors?

Masonry Work:

Masonry Work Brick Masonry According to Indian standards, the nominal size of the modular brick is 200 mm x 100 x 100 mm while the actual size the brick is 190 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm. The nominal size includes the mortar thickness. The arrangement of laying bricks and bonding them with mortar properly to form a unified mass which can transmit the super-imposed load safely to ,the foundation, is called brick masonry. Some important terms used in brick masonry are as follows :


IMPORTANT TERMS Stretcher: The longest face of a brick as seen in the elevation of the wall is called stretcher. Header: The shortest face of a brick as seen in the elevation of the wall, is called header . Anises: The edges formed by the intersection of plane surfaces of brick are called anises . Bed: The lower surface of the brick when laid flat is known as bed . Perpend: An imaginary vertical line which includes the vertical joint separating two adjoining bricks, is called perpend . Lap: The horizontal distance between the vertical joints of successive courses is termed as lap . Closer: A portion of a brick used to close up the bond at the end of the brick courses, is called closer. 


IMPORTANT TERMS Queen closer: It is the portion of a brick obtained by cutting a brick lengthwise into two portions. In other words, it is brick which is half as wide as full brick . King closer: It is the portion of a brick which is so cut that the width of its one end is half that of a full brick, while the width of the other end is equal to the full width. It is thus obtained by cutting a triangular portion of the brick such that half header and half stretcher is obtained on joining the cut faces . Bevelled closer: It is the portion of brick obtained by cutting the brick in such a way that half width is maintained at one end and full width at the other end.

Masonry Contractors:

Masonry Contractors There really isn't a cut and dried way to choose a contractor. Some of the best masons out there are the most grungy unprofessional looking guys you ever did see and some of the worst masons out there and the most professional clean cut guys that you ever did see. What is the most important thing to consider in a mason? It is #1, skill! Masonry is a highly skilled trade regardless of what it may seem and that skill is what makes the difference between you having a very nice masonry job done and you cringing every time you look at the work . My recommendation is that you ask to see pictures of there previous work. Make sure they have the aptitude to really give you skilled and artistic work and then go from there. If you know somebody who has used them before call that person and look at the work they had done. And then ask them how that crew orchestrated itself while they were working there. That is the second thing I would consider. There are a lot of masons that drink on the job and smoke weed. That makes for a less than stellar job in a lot of cases. So I would be aware of that as well. Those would be the main things I would worry about. Obviously there are other things like honesty and punctuality etc but those can be figured out later. Hope this helps!

Contact Information:

Contact Information 2406456654 [email protected] Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

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