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Carpet Cleaning Companies:

Carpet Cleaning Companies 8185776544 Sherman Oaks , Los Angeles , CA, USA

Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction:

Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction Versatile or truck-mounted gear is utilized to splash heated water and cleanser arrangement into the floor covering heap at a high weight and afterward is promptly extricated (vacuumed out) alongside the suspended soil particles.

1 - Shampoo:

1 - Shampoo In this technique, cleanser arrangement is discharged onto the floor covering through openings in a rotational brush, whose turning activity changes over the arrangement into froth and works it into the rug. Once dry, vacuuming expels the buildup containing free, epitomized soil

Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo:

Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo This technique utilizes both Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo. This procedure is especially viable for cleaning exceptionally dirtied rugs, with substantial oil/soil develop–up.


Foams Froth is commonly connected onto the floor covering, more often than not from airborne compartments, and worked into the rug with a dry wipe. Once dry, the buildup containing suspended soil is just vacuumed away. Since froth utilizes little water, there is no threat of over-wetting and the associated difficulties

Why Service Pro Cleaner ?:

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Contact Information:

Contact Information 8185776544 Sherman Oaks , Los Angeles , CA, USA

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