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Experiential marketing uses positive, memorable experiences to create valuable emotional bonds between consumers and brands. Emotions profoundly impact the way people think and act; and, in experiential marketing, consumers who experience events that generate goodwill associate those positive feelings with the respective brand. This dynamic results in increased consumer brand awareness and brand loyalty.


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Experiential Marketing :

Experiential Marketing


Experiential Marketing helps companies to expand their wings and respond to their customer’s desire and demands. This marketing technique generates a holistic experience so that customers’ can relate and thus marketers can convert an item or service from one time purchase to regular. What is Experiential Marketing?


Customers can connect with a brand by experiencing it first hand. Through experience, customers will retain a long-term, positive memory of the brand. Emotionally connect with consumers Involve consumer with brand More creative Spread awareness Why Experiential Marketing?


Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. These five senses encompass the human experience, enabling us to perceive the world around us and communicate with others Appealing to the senses


Experiential marketing connects brands with consumers by creating positive associations through memorable experiences. How does IT work?


Experiential marketing activations are ideal for all brands – especially those that want to place their products in the actual hands of a consumer. Which brand can benefit?


And Instagram Facebook Experiential Marketing?


Experiential marketers want to make sure brands can engage its consumers. It wants to create a story fun enough for their consumers to share with their friends, and the brand also wants to engage with consumers. Social media can help: Instagram delivers on this too. In a study conducted by Simply Measured, it was reported that Instagram’s engagement has grown 416% over the past two years. Experiential Marketing AND INSTAGRAM


Brands have already learned to take advantage of this massive exposure opportunity, but may not yet have realized the power that experiential marketing in specific has with Facebook. The average American spends around 40 minutes on Facebook daily compared to 21 minutes on Instagram and 17 minutes on Twitter, which leaves a relatively large window for marketers to grab these consumers’ attentions. Experiential Marketing AND fACEBOOK


The way that experiential marketing campaigns can be set up makes it extremely easy for mobile applications to be involved in the process. Experiential Marketing FOR MOBILE APPLICATIONS


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