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The need for a new workplace strategy grows as workforce change accelerates. Support space planning decisions with utilization data that shows how many people doing which activities in what type of spaces.


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W O R K P L A C E S T R A T E G Y F O R W O R K P L A C E R E D E S I G N P R E P A R E D B Y F A C I L I T Y Q U E S T F A C I L I T Y Q U E S T .

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I N T R O D U C T I O N W W W . F A C I L I T Y Q U E S T . C O M F O R W O R K P L A C E S T R A T E G Y DOES OUR WORKPLACE SUPPORT THE WAY PEOPLE WORK NOW Identify space challenges and opportunities Demonstrate how employees engage with the workplace Identify different space needs by business unit department or team Analyze space allocation by business unit department or team FM SOFTWARE DOESN’T MEET OUR NEEDS Your data for your purposes. Walk around with a mobile device to collect or update data and see it all instantly in context on floor plans. VISUALS: Floor plans annotations photos heat maps ATTRIBUTES: room types area calculations CALCULATED METRICS to see the balance of resources for focused work and collaboration spaces “I WANT TO SEE FLOOR PLANS PHOTOS AND SPACE ALLOCATIONS... ALL IN ONE PLACE” GATHER ACTIVITY DATA Gather statistically valid use data with hourly activity tracking in a 1- 2 week study OR just grab data on the go as you pass through space to get a fast measure of occupant demand. Even small-batch data can show patterns and help to communicate the need for a more formal study. See dashboard reports light up with analysis narrow analytics to your own areas of interest. Look for utilization patterns on interactive floor plans.

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F A C I L I T Y Q U E S T W W W . F A C I L I T Y Q U E S T . C O M C O N T A C T U S FacilityQuest 2532 Santa Clara Ave. 216 Alameda CA 94501 USA email: phone: 510-868-9658 FacilityQuest is a service of Schema Research Turn Raw Workplace Data Into Useful Information With A Quantitative And Qualitative analytics Focus On Space planning.

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