Discover the Different Varieties of Diamond

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Discover the Different Varieties of Diamond


Diamonds are dear to a women’s heart. The cut, shape and sparkle all entice them to own a piece and make it a part of their wardrobe. But what is hidden behind a diamond exterior. A diamond is classified on the basis their physical and chemical properties. There are numerous characteristics on the basis of which the gemologists classify the varieties. Natural Diamonds: They have no colour. Just the original cut and anatomy that everyone knows about. Treated Diamonds: These are the mixed diamonds wherein the natural diamonds are mixed with other attributes to give it a special appearance making it a perfect diamond engagement rings for your beloved. These Treated diamonds are made with filling and also used along with special materials to hide the imperfections. It sometimes changes the colour of natural diamond. Such kinds of diamonds have a lower price than the original diamond .


Man-made Diamonds: They are prepared in laboratory and has gained more popularity these days. Their popularity depends upon the price that have got reduced without much deterioration of the quality. Several diamond jackets or studs have been created with these man-made diamonds and that too in a beautiful setting . Coloured Diamonds: Basically the diamonds are colourless but the popularity of coloured diamonds have risen more with their display by celebrities and advertisements. The most popular coloured diamonds that are seen are pink diamonds and the canary yellow diamonds but this is also available in blue, purple, red, black etc. Black diamonds are very rare and are even found naturally .


This diamond classification is what a layman knows about but in technicality there are various groups are present which holds different types of diamonds based on their fluorescence, impurities, strength, chemical composition and much more. Just buy what your heart desires and own the piece with cherish. Website:

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