6 Best Webinar Tools for a Successful Webinar


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Nowadays, there are many available webinar tools in the market to help facilitate communication both in the business industry and in learning institutions. Outlined below the best webinar tools that are worth checking out when it comes to web-conferencing. https://www.eztalks.com/webinars/best-webinar-tools-for-a-successful-webinar.html


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As more and more bloggers internet marketers and online businesses are growing beyond their original realms the necessity of webinar tools is becoming more pronounced. Webinar refers to an online meeting or conference. Nowadays there are many available webinar tools in the market to help facilitate communication both in the business industry and in learning institutions. They offer a good platform to meet with clients carry out online meetings and conferences among business associates and also facilitate online courses regardless of geographical distance or location. Outlined below the best webinar tools that are worth checking out when it comes to web-conferencing. 1. Google+ Hangouts Google hangout is among the best online webinar tools in the market today. It is browser- based making it easily accessible through any web browser. Google hangout platform is easy and fun to use and its quality video and voice features makes it an ideal choice. All you need to do to get started with Google hangouts is to install the Google voice and video plugin. It can accommodate up to 10 clients at a go on a video chat. 2. AnyMeeting AnyMeeting is a web conferencing tool that allows users to create free accounts and enjoy the many benefits of web conferencing. It has arguably the best free webinar tools when it comes to webinar tools vergleich with its competitors. If offers unlimited meetings

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accommodating 6 clients at each video conference. AnyMeeting also provides a simple platform to ensure easy upload and sharing of presentations. AnyMeeting is popular for the fact that it offers mobile features thus accommodating mobile attendees in a webinar. It allows for webinar recording and what’s more its integration to Google apps allows you to share these recordings in different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally it features personalized meeting URL. 3. ezTalks Cloud Meeting eztalks Cloud Meeting is an easy to use tool with quality webinar recording tools. It is surely the best solution to your video conferencing requirements. It has a white-board feature that allows clients to draw erase or highlight information during presentations. eztalks sharing feature enables clients to easily share screen and information in webinar so as to demonstrate operations in real time. With the provided chat platform clients can send both private and public instant messages with the other clients. Again it is compatible with most devices such as android windows and Mac and any of these devices can be used to join or host a meeting anytime and anyplace.

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4. OpenMeetings OpenMeetings is a browser based webinar tool that is available for free. It allows up to 4 clients in a video conference or a desktop sharing and unlimited number of clients when it comes broadcasting between clients without any interaction. To access this application tool you can either run it directly from your browser or download its zip file onto your PC. White boarding functionality is also available to highlight areas of interest during presentations.

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5. OnStream OnStream offers the best tools for webinars. It allows users to share documents and to engage in both public and private chats. Onstream also has a unique feature that allows clients to take screenshots from the platform during presentations. It offers 3 standard modes on the meeting interface: Conference mode which enhances video presentations presentation mode to facilitate sharing of information and discussion mode for collaborations and private chats. Onstream has personalized meeting URL to ensure that only the invited clients can access the web conference. Additionally OnStream allows the host to specify which clients are allowed to access his charts and graphical presentations. Video conferencing can accommodate up to 25 clients at a go. Finally Onstream versions are available for both desktop and mobile phones.

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6. ClickWebinar ClickWebinar offers a unique chat translation feature which gives the clients an opportunity to view the message in a different language. Similar to many Google webinar tools ClickWebinar also offers live audio and video streaming. Its recording feature allows you to record up to 10 hours of the meeting presentation. What’s more ClickWebinar allows you to customize your meeting room which involves addition of colors and logos so as to resemble your company. To ensure that you can share your screen as a presenter you need to have downloaded the ClickWebinar application. ClickWebinar can allow up to 4 webcast however users have reported some echo when more than one client broadcasts. For convenience ClickWebinar is integrated with many social media platforms such as YouTube LinkedIn Adobe and Facebook among others that allow you to sign on to the web conference platform easily.

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Since the world has become a global market as far as commercial endeavors are concerned you should make use of the best free webinar tools in the market to facilitate the growth of your business. However webinar tools comparison is essential to ensure that you purchase the right webinar software with the adequate features that suit your type of business. https://www .eztalks.com/webinars/best-webinar-tools-for-a-successful-webinar.html