4 Most Awesome Climbing Panels & Walls Around The World

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Learn about the world's most awesome climbing panel & walls in this slide. Evolve Play has been the pioneer climbing wall builders in USA. Contact them today via http://www.evolveplay.net for installation of climbing panel, portable rock climbing wall, and playground boulders etc.


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4 MOST AWESOME CLIMBING PANELS & WALLS AROUND THE WORLD Climbing panels aren’t just installed for kids recreation, they are also very popular among the elders. These climbing panels are the most popular in its regions and are considered the most awesome climbing panels around the world.


Marymoor Park Climbing Wall In Washington, US In Redmond Washington’s Lake Sammamish the Marymoor Park is located. This is the county’s oldest and largest park. This park has various sports facilities including rock climbing and climbing panels. Created By:


World's Tallest Climbing Wa ll In Netherlands It is called the Excalibur Climbing Tower built at Bjoeks Climbing Center in Groningen. It is a 37 meters (121 feet) tall with an extension of 11 meters (36 feet), it is said to be the highest climbing tower of the world. Created By:


Alice in Wonderland Climbing Wall In Japan This wall is designed by an architecture firm Nendo . The wall looks straight out of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. It is built at the ILLOIHA fitness club in Japan. This is one of the world’s largest climbing wall. Created By:


Largest Outdoor Climbing Wall in Central Europe, Czech Republic This is the largest outdoor climbing wall in Central Europe. This wall is measured 15 m at the highest point and measures 80 m in diameter. Created By:


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