6 Very Important Hardware Requirements to Set Up a Hosted VoIP Phone S


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Deploying a VoIP phone system is a lot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It is both challenging and fun.


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6 Very Important Hardware Requirements to Set Up a Hosted VoIP Phone System Getting Together All the Pieces to the Puzzle Deploying a VoIP phone system is a lot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It is both challenging and fun. But in order to make sure that your setup and installation is a shining success you must gather all the pieces. Before you go on you towards searching for the hardware and software services that are perfect for your VoIP phone system here is a quick list of the hardware requirements that ensure that you have all the pieces of the puzzle you need to be successful. 1. Local Area Network LAN You will never realize the full potential of a Ducati Veyron by driving it on a dirt road. Similarly when it comes to VoIP phone systems your service is the car and your network the road. In order to get the most out of your VoIP phone system you need to make sure that you have a smoothly working LAN connection. If you use web aggressively or send large data files frequently you would want to consider setting up a separate network just for your VoIP system. With fluctuating prices every day the minor cost of investment is worth the ability to ensure the quality of service for your VoIP phone system.

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2. High-Speed Internet Connection The number one cause of the problem you encounter with VoIP has to do with what is called the “last mile of your internet service”. You are likely looking into VoIP because you want to save money and set up an efficient system for your employees but dont forget you may need to upgrade your internet connection in order to account for the additional traffic you are expecting to roll in. In order to attain adequate bandwidth ask your potential VoIP service provider for upgraded packs that enable you to make several calls at a time without any glitch. There are many service providers that are now offering "bandwidth shaping" service that gives your voice packets priority over data packets. So make sure to ask them if they can do this for your VoIP phone system as well - it will be a huge help. 3. Analogue Telephone Adapters An analogue telephone adapter is needed if you want to use existing analog devices with your VoIP phone system. This device converts a VoIP signal to an analog tone used for making calls. In this case you dont need to buy desk phones in order to support your VoIP hardware. However using an analog telephone adapter is advisable only as a temporary solution. If you want to ensure reliability it is essential to switch to VoIP phone systems or SIP compatible desk phones for that matter. 4. SIP Desk Phones SIP phones are specially designed for VoIP business phone systems. Unlike regular telephones SIP desk phones function as per VoIP protocols. Today businesses use this device to ensure high quality and sophisticated communication over an IP network or VoLTE. 5. Desktop or Laptop Aside from SIP compliant desk phones you should also be able to make and receive calls through your computer. If you use a laptop or desktop you need a headset and a microphone to connect your VoIP phone system and you are all set. With a single VoIP phone number you can connect your computer and start making calls. You also have the option to place calls to multiple devices at once or in sequence to make sure that the employees are notified of all incoming calls. 6. Smartphones Another super-cool feature of a hosted VoIP services is that you can place and receive calls while you are on the go. After all not all businesses use desks and phones to set up a communications network anymore. Most of them travel for business and operate from there while they are away from the office. Using smartphones with VoIP mobile apps can connect you to your business VoIP phone system. The app is available for free you can get it from your hosted VoIP service provider or even a third party

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software developer. Indeed a hosted VoIP system is the go-to communication solution for most business. Ready to Put the Pieces Together There are a lot of pieces to the VoIP installation puzzle right You might feel a little intimidated right now since you dont know what the puzzle should look like even if you possess all the correct pieces. But dont worry these VoIP hardware requirements and set up guide will assist you with putting together the VoIP phone system. From showing you what the puzzle looks like to how to assemble it. Everything is covered from base to end.