IP Phones- Elevate Your Communication Experience


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A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone or IP phone is the base for more advanced and cost-effective communication applications. An IP phone uses voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting calls.


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IP Phones- Elevate Your Communication Experience A VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol phone or IP phone is the base for more advanced and cost-effective communication applications. An IP phone uses voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting calls. The way communication has progressed over the past decade there was a definite requirement to work on security concerns new features diverse workspace of the traditional way of communicating. The flagship Cisco IP phone 8800 series has done just that taking communication to a different level. It is the answer for business organisations of all sizes seeking full-featured secure high-quality IP phones. Features The Cisco IP phone 8800 series is perfect for administrative staff executive staff and for the knowledge worker. Open workspaces executive offices actively mobile workers large conference rooms- it works perfectly in all these environments. The IP phone has some very endearing features:  Affordable HD video phones  Superior audio  Flexible deployment on-premises as well as cloud  Allows corporate telephony on personal mobile  Cost-effective and uncomplicated

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 Additional add- on options  Enables collaboration Cisco IP Phone 8800 series for business Cisco IP phones can transform the way business is done. They can assist a business to enhance collaboration and productivity while simultaneously cutting costs. New collaboration experiences with Cisco IP phones will empower your business. Connecting with the right people at the right time will accelerate team performance and maximise business results. Cisco IP phones help your business by:  Harnessing the potential of your professional staff by enabling them to collaborate with partners colleagues customers and suppliers.  Maximising interaction with experts by taking advantage of team space extensive presence calling and conferencing capabilities.  Transforming business processes and reducing costs with interactive high quality business-grade high definition video communication.  Accessing optional third-party endpoint applications and accessories to innovate new workflows  Addressing security concerns by including state of the art security improvements in the 8800 series. The Secure Hash Algorithm SHA 256 provides stronger cryptographic hash properties. The Cisco IP Phone 8800 series can load only firmware images digitally signed by CISCO which is signed with a 2048 bit RSA key. Benefits of IP phones As compared to traditional phone lines IP phones have a number of benefits:  Cost - The initial set up cost and ongoing costs are relatively less. For example calls from PC to PC over the internet are free. Similarly other calls have a cost which is less than calls made from a traditional phone line.  Accessibility - For IP phones location or distance makes no difference. The only requirement is an internet connection. Especially travelling executives who remain way from office but wish to remain connected can do so at a very minimal cost thanks to the convenience of the IP phone.

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From the company lobby to the desk of your managers the hospital or retail manufacturing floor to the executive suite the home office a branch office site to a corporate head office or the campus mobile worker can all remain effectively connected with an IP phone.  Flexibility - With an IP phone thousands of connections can be made as opposed to the private phone network where the number of phones that can be added to the system is limited.  Extra features at a reasonable cost - A wide range of extra features like call forwarding call waiting voicemail caller ID three-way calling and more are provided with IP phones. With Cisco Expressway remote workers get a single sign-on access. Costs during off-work hours are reduced by Cisco EnergyWise. Select models support 720 HD desktop video collaboration telephony feature integration with mobile devices. For conference rooms optional key expansion modules and wired / wireless expansion microphones can be provided. The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series is definitely an advanced series which provides easy to use voice and video collaboration. It provides flexible deployment options on-premises and cloud and Cisco pre- approved third party UCaaS providers at a very reasonable cost. Take your communication experience to the next level with the Cisco IP Phone 8800 series.