The Most Powerful Electric Motor System

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The Gearboxes Electric Motors and Screw Jacks are the Best Ever-Power Equipment Mechanical engineering combines the study of mathematics and physics with the understanding of metals. The process of mechanical engineering offers the foundation of basic machines and types of equipment that is so widely used across the production and agriculture industry today. The importance of these kinds of mechanical equipment is significant for people across the world because these machines assist in heavy-duty tasks. The machinery manufactured by Ever-Power provides the right amount of balance between physical labor and automatic tasks by the machine. Moreover industrial evolution changed the way people perceive the manufacturing and production industry. Since these kinds of machines have facilitated several tedious tasks the mindset of industrialists and agriculturalists has changed in a positive direction.

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Ever-Power has a history of designing and creating the best machines and equipment for versatile kinds of businesses. The Planetary Gearboxes are one of the most popular and well known technical elements manufactured by Ever-Power. Planetary gearboxes are known to be a form of Epicyclic Gearing. Epicyclic Gearing is known as the combination of two gears that are mounted together so that the center of one gear revolves around the center of another. The planetary gearbox is meant to transfer the largest torque into the most compact form. This kind of transfer is called torque density. The ideal transmission of power is offered with the planetary gearbox. The rotation of the gears at a particular axis is the source of the name sun gear as a reference to the earth rotating around the sun at a particular axis. The planetary gearbox transfers the right amount of power from the engine and transfers it successfully through the gears. It is smoother and easier to function as compared to a fixed-shafted gearing. Another important piece of equipment combines the background and foundation of both electrical and mechanical engineering. Ever-Power is known to manufacture one of the best and leading models of the Electric Motor. An electric motor is an electrical machine that is manufactured with the function of converting electrical energy or electricity into mechanical energy. The conversion of electrical power into mechanical power enhances the

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smooth functioning of other machines. Most of the electric motor models operate through the interaction between the motor’s magnetic field and electric current. This kind of interaction between the motor’s magnetic field and electric current generates the right amount of force to power the rotation of the shaft. The electric motor is versatile across multiple electric products across a range of industries. Different kinds of models and makes of electric motors are fitted into electrical objects such as automatic car windows air conditioners vacuum cleaners and computers. Lastly Ever-Power manufactures the most popular type of Screw Jacks that serve multiple purposes. There are three main types of screw jacks which include the worm gear screw jacks ball screw jacks and bevel gear jacks. Screw jacks are creatively designed to lift and level heavy things as a lever such as vehicles and portable houses. Depending on what the tasks require the screw jacks are an extremely beneficial piece of equipment across multiple industries and businesses. EVER-POWER E-mail:Sales: Technical: Tel Fax:Tel: +86-571-88220653 Fax: +86-571-88220651 Address: No.789 Shenhua RD. Hangzhou Zhejiang China. P.C. 310013

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