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Personal Smart Devices:

Personal Smart Devices


Agenda Introduction What is a Smart Device Types of Smart Devices Why have a smart device Factors when buying a device Questions

Types of Smart Devices:

Types of Smart Devices Phone (Apple iPhone, Samsung Note II, etc) Tablet (Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire, etc) E-Readers (Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, etc) Televisions (Sony Google Television, Samsung Interactive TV, etc) Blu-Ray Players Refrigerator

Why have a smart mobile device:

Why have a smart mobile device Phone and PDA all-in-one Ability to access data (email, contacts, calendar, Internet) Added functionality (Camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Music player, mobile hotspot, etc) Applications improve productivity (kids, students) App usage over web browser Harder to find “dumb phones” Partial laptop replacement Not for word processing, not for video/graphic editing Great for travelling, lightweight, only needs internet connection Tablets – Great educational tool for young kids

Factors when buying a device:

Factors when buying a device Operating System Email Multimedia Storage / Battery 3G / 4G Camera Phone Design / Size Keyboard / Screen Carrier Plans (voice, data, messaging)

Operating Systems:

Operating Systems Apple iOS Google Android RIM Blackberry OS Windows Mobile Symbian


Email Ability to access email at all times Gmail Yahoo Hotmail Microsoft Exchange Ability to sync email, contact, calendar, tasks, notes


Multimedia Capable movie players (tablet) Capable music players (smartphone/tablet) Streaming Media (Youtube, ESPN, Pandora, Netflix, Amazon VOD, etc) Voice Recording apps Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace

Storage / Battery:

Storage / Battery Storage calculated in GB (gigabytes) 1000 MB – 1GB Used for apps, pictures, videos Internal Storage vs External Storage microSD card expansions iDevices – no storage expansions Recommended – 16GB iDevices – no battery removal Average battery life ~ > 1day (depending on usage)

3G / 4G:

3G / 4G GSM (ATT & T-Mobile) CDMA (US Cellular, Verizon & Sprint) Europe & Asia uses GSM 3G and 4G run at different frequency 4G – high speeds 4G – not everywhere 4G – battery life drain (some older devices)

Camera / Video Camera:

Camera / Video Camera Front / Back Facing Camera Front facing used for web meeting apps (Skype, Facetime) Back facing used for general picture taking Recommended resolution – 5 megapixel (back facing) Popular camera apps – Instagram & Pixl-o-matic

Phone Design / Size:

Phone Design / Size Slider Phones – Keyboard hidden behind screen (slides out) Candy-bar phones – Sturdy, cuboid shape Size of phones – manufacturer dependant iPhone 5 – 4inch Samsung Galaxy III – 4.8inch Samsung Galaxy Note II – 5.5inch Tablets – iPad – 9.7inch iPad mini – 7inch Samsung Galaxy Tab – 7inch / 10inch Kindle Fire HD – 7inch Google Nexus – 7inch / 10inch

Keyboard / Screen:

Keyboard / Screen Physical Keyboard Virtual keyboard Don ’ t Text & Drive Gorilla Glass (unscratchable) Gesturing – Pinching, swiping OLED / Retina / LCD displays Accessories for tables (soft touch pens, bluetooth keyboards)


Carriers Major Carriers ATT Verizon Sprint T-Mobile Regional US Cellular MetroPCS Cricket Plans (individual vs family) Minutes vs data vs messaging Data plans ~ $30 (required for smartphones)

Mobile Applications or Apps:

Mobile Applications or Apps What are apps? Wikipedia - A mobile application (or mobile app) is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices Free vs Paid Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Market, Blackberry App World Reduce the need to use a browser

Mobile Applications or Apps:

Mobile Applications or Apps



PowerPoint Presentation:

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