How to Move Quicken Data File From one PC to another?

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Move your Quicken Data file from one computer to another for window and Mac by following these step that explained in this PDF. This very simple process, you can easily move your data file. However, any doubt just contact team at +61-1800-958-237 or go to the


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Steps to Move Quicken Data File From One Computer to Another Quicken is one of the most widely used accountng sofware around the world. It is a fnance management tool used to maintain personal fnance and budgetng along with many other interestng functons. It has an integrated set of features which tends to aid us in fnancial maters making it easy for us to manage the cash fow efortlessly. If you want to use Quicken data fle on another computer you can do so by moving the fle to another without any problem. But one needs to keep in mind certain things before doing so.  You don’t need to buy another copy of your Quicken to send the fle. However a similar version should be installed in the second computer. There are two ways to install it- o Follow the instructons to download and install a digital copy. o Or you can reinstall it from a CD.  Even if you backup fles on a network never open or run it or share it between two computers.  If the fle on another computer is of a diferent version then convert the Quicken fle before sending it.  Check the system requirements carefully before moving the fle.

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Now you can easily send the fle to another computer. These instructons are for Windows system-  Visit www.quickencom/setup and install the Quicken applicaton on another computer.  Keep the backup of the data and then copy it to an external disk.  Connect the disk to the new computer and restore that data into the system.  Click OK. If you are using a Mac then you can follow the steps mentoned below to move the data into it. All the above-mentoned instructons are the same save for the optons which you will see on your screen. Afer insertng the external drive locate it in the Devices list on the lef panel and again click Restore this fle opton. Choose a default locaton to save the fle and click Restore. Apart from that if you want any help regarding Quicken download installaton renewal subscripton purchase un-installaton etc get in touch with us. To download the setup for diferent products visit on your computer and proceed with the installaton. Users can reach us on our toll-free customer care numbers or via our Live Chat service. Original Source: Steps to Move Quicken Data File From One Computer to Another

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