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More than 10 years Pantai has been developing, manufacturing and selling high and consistent quality Titanium Dioxide.


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Pantai Chemical USA Inc.:

Pantai Chemical USA Inc. Pantai Chemical USA Inc.is a most popular and responsible company in North America.

Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers: The Good And The Bad Manufactures:

Titanium Dioxide M anufacturers : The G ood A nd T he B ad M anufactures

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More than 10 years Pantai has been developing, manufacturing and selling high and consistent quality Titanium Dioxide.

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There are so many titanium oxide manufacturers out there but it is important to know that not all of them are actually dealing with the same grades of titanium dioxide.

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Titanium dioxide exists in two different grades namely; titanium oxide anatase and titanium oxide rutile. This difference in normally brought about due to the different nature of their crystals. Different grades of titanium dioxide have different industrial applications.



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It is also very important to realize that most titanium oxide manufactures actually mine this product since it occurs naturally on some special minerals. However, some of them take part in the manufacturing especially if they are experiencing high demands or if they are in need of a specific type of titanium oxide.



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Titanium oxide manufacturing is a process that involves a lot of chemical reactions. These reactions are normally carried out in special chambers which have been modified to provide the best environment where the chemical reactions will be most effective hence high rate of titanium dioxide production. Although there are so many titanium oxide producers out there, you can be certain that not all of them are able to provide you with the same quality of titanium oxide.

Titanium Dioxide PTR-620:

Titanium Dioxide PTR-620

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The cause for this in most cases is that there are some manufactures who are more of money oriented and they do not really care about their customer’s satisfaction. These are so far the worst type of titanium dioxide manufactures that you can find. The worst part is that they tend to sell their products at very low prices so that they can lure as many buyers as possible. A good titanium dioxide producer on the other hand is one who has his customer’s satisfaction in mind.

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This is a manufacture that is ready to provide his clients with a free sample so that they can test whether the titanium oxide is of good quality.

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If you set out to buy titanium oxide, the first thing that you should do is to conduct a research so that you may know where you can get good titanium oxide or else, you will be greatly disappointed .

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