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1st High School of Pefki, Athens:

1 st High School of Pefki , Athens Advantages & disadvantages of utopian cities

Plato’s State:

Plato’s State

Advantages of Plato’s State:

Advantages of Plato’s State The society is based on the idea of common ownership that helps non-separating rich and poor> developing justice. All people, men and women, rich and poor have access to education> equal opportunities and common good.

Advantages of Plato’s State:

Advantages of Plato’s State Every man is born to commit a specific function in society. . Children will not know their parents and other family members for no matter inherited and sense of ownership Sometimes-rarely-for the smooth flow of society should the philosopher-kings, according to the statements make decisions, and without the opinion of the citizens since they naturally do not contribute to their holdings> flexible administration

Advantages of Plato’s State:

Advantages of Plato’s State The philosopher-kings having discovered the true values ​​of life mus try and pass on to others The ideal state is characterized by four virtues: wisdom, courage, wisdom and justice: every one in society do what it takes, depending on the role within it, without interfering with the function of the other and go off the boxes have set for him. If a man makes no attempt to put the desiring part in the accounting, then it will be time to finally be punished for his actions

Disadvantages of Plato’s State:

Disadvantages of Plato’s State Plato describes a state where the arts such as poetry, music, theater, will be excluded because the art does not lead to the correct behavior but to the passions and can upset the harmony of the three parts of the soul and spread corruption. In addition to this Platonic ideal state, family ties as they are known in today's society are abolished and the institution of the traditional family declined in order to refrain from acts which would prevent social justice.Although, family must be strong institution

Disadvantages of Plato’s State:

Disadvantages of Plato’s State Since every member of the family will not have an idea about the members of it there is a chance to be begetted monsters and not humans. Justice is the harmony of the different parts of the soul .. But everyone has to learn to control himself. Besides who will control the needs of lords?

Disadvantages of Plato’s State:

Disadvantages of Plato’s State When they were created by God, the guardian mansion built of gold, the guards-assisted of silver, and the creators by iron and copper. This is a racist act and not justice. The ideal state described seems largely to tyranny, but it is the exact opposite side: the philosopher-king in power does not act in the light of self-interest, but is dedicated to the public good, and possesses the knowledge and wisdom. Provided, however, that there will be found someone who will not abuse the power and fairly and properly serve the people.

Disadvantages of Plato’s State:

Disadvantages of Plato’s State Socrates prefers rulers to form pairs to play but there is no sexual promiscuity, so that people do not know the feeling of love. So there will be created formal relationships between men and women on the erotic sector.

Utopia, Thomas Moore:

Utopia, Thomas Moore

Advantages of Outopia:

Advantages of Outopia Residents will practice their profession according to the skills that will have everyone Each citizen will receive the appropriate training to be able to practice correctly and with confidence. There will be provide a comprehensive education system, which includes arts and letters, where everyone has access> equality between citizens and remove of any activity of human exploitation.

Advantages of Outopia:

Advantages of Outopia It is a society where people can not have private property and ensure the fair and equitable distribution of goods> collectivity, solidarity and mutual aid, elimination of social stratification and the development of a fair and ethical way of thinking

Advantages of Outopia:

Advantages of Outopia There is freedom of religion and religion will have no power and influence upon thoughts and actions of people Citizens will enjoy a well-organized system of health care which must exist in any society.

Disadvantages of Outopia:

Disadvantages of Outopia The very strict codes of private and public morality and law which must be applied strictly, might create a little pressure and confusion among citizens that cannot be deflected by any of the rules and does not allow unnecessary luxuries.

Disadvantages of Outopia:

Disadvantages of Outopia Not included in the educational system as mathematics, dialectic and music sectors that can contribute significantly to the development of human character Prosperity will cease to exist if there is not the right faith in a god or non-belief, because then people will not have the right of freewill> slave society while repealed and the right to life, as euthanasia is allowed as an execution of people with health problems

1984, G. Orwell :

1984, G. Orwell

Advantages of 1984:

Advantages of 1984 Nobody will be able to exploit his fellow man, because the fellows will know what it seeks to do

Disadvantages of 1984:

Disadvantages of 1984 Refers to a political system where there is not freedom of speech and power is capable of directing the minds of people and lead the thinking in the way it wants. People have abolished the right of free will and have turned to unmanned persons where everyone is the same, eliminating diversity and the opportunity for man to love and be completed as an individual New language would limit human thought and will prevent him from reaching conclusions that would lead to behaviors that have resulted in the awakening

The Stoic idea of the city:

The Stoic idea of the city

Advantages of Stoic City:

Advantages of Stoic City The cosmopolitan citizen is a citizen of the universe. He lives in a good and just society , all creatures were created for the good of gods and people . The city is common home of gods and people and this shows equality between divine and human. In order for someone to be considered as a citizen must have the logic, something which can only have the gods and humans. Only they understand concepts such as fairness and legitimacy.

Disadvantages of Stoic city:

Disadvantages of Stoic city There is no society where people are not even a little corrupt

Bacon’s New Atlantis:

Bacon’s New Atlantis

Advantages of New Atlantis:

Advantages of New Atlantis Sages have the opportunity to lead the society to progress through the conduct of scientific research and experiments in order to understand the nature and use their knowledge for the betterment of their city.

Advantages of New Atlantis:

Advantages of New Atlantis The citizens of Bensalem are clean and pure characters with moral values, free from contamination of the soul. A fairly devout society that does not have the basis of a fear of devine but rather to understand

Disadvantages of New Atlantis:

Disadvantages of New Atlantis The experimentation can ever escape from the control of the wise and to have negative characteristics to people's lives.

Huxley, Brave New World:

Huxley, Brave New World

Advantages … but…:

Advantages … but… There are not social conflicts and passions mentally (though the means by which this is achieved is not appropriate). People enjoy complete freedom and satisfaction (but with extreme situations and motivated to serve malicious purposes).

Disadvantages of Brave New World:

Disadvantages of Brave New World Family is an outdated institution People bred artificially and massively Divided into social and professional ranks Dominates uniformity and mazopiisi There is no emotion, art and religion

Disadvantages of Brave New World:

Disadvantages of Brave New World Citizens obey a man who pulls the strings. With the use of eugenics achieved stability and balance. Used various means of satisfaction, such as drugs and sexual freedom.

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