New Job 6 Tried & True Methods to Make a First Impression

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Starting a new job can be tricky, so why not start it off on the right foot? You have to play your cards right on the first day of work and you'll make a huge influence.


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New Job 6 Tried True Methods to Make a First Impression Starting a new job can be tricky so why not start it off on the right foot You have to play your cards right on the first day of work and youll make a huge influence. Here are 6 ways on how to make a first impression at your work on day one - 1. Dress the Part Caught between wearing business casual or business formal Most times you are already conveyed about the culture of the company dress codes and other details by the HR. If not it is always better to ask them. Still if you have no idea about what attire to wear on your first day of work begin with the company website and social media pages. It is always better to overdress in the beginning as per the company standards. It shows self-respect and a positive attitude toward your new workplace. As you settle into your job slowly you will gain a sense of how people dress. You can adapt accordingly. 2. Confidence Is Key It’ s your first day. Body language and posture are the main keys that project confidence. If you stay confident it becomes easier meeting new people and others feel more comfortable around you. Conversations will flow easily. So don ’ t be nervous Y ou’ve already shown your aptitude and you are best qualified like everyone else to be there. 3. Remember Names You will be meeting more people – MORE NEW PEOPLE While remembering names is easy for some it is a real struggle for others. So when you are introduced to someone new repeat their names to yourself several times. Though it may seem embarrassing sometimes but don ’ t be afraid to ask someone to repeat his or her name.

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4. Know the companys recent successes Educate yourself about the c omp a n y ’ s success. Do your homework of conducting some research about recent achievements and projects about the organization. Though you may have already done this to ace your interview it is still good to revise. It will help as when you are introduced to new people and you may come across someone who was named as a key player in the project. You can give quick kudos and asking a few intelligent queries about their project. Everyone loves praises in the public right 5. Adorn Smile Relax and Offer to Help Whenever Possible A simple smile makes a good first impression. It is always best to relax and be you. Offer to help whenever the opportunity arises. However be careful as you want to avoid being seen as someone interested in curry favor with your new boss. 6. A Positive Aura No one is asking you to be Mary Poppins but do n ’ t be the Grinch either. Smile and introduce yourself to your new co-workers. And above all use your manners. Do not make negative comments about the job yourself or others. You do n ’ t know what can be misconstrued and used against you. Read more: How to Prove Your Right to Work To An Employer

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