Blabberize cheat sheet

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Presentation Transcript : Step 1: Go to Step 2: Sign up, log in, or click MAKE. Step 3: Select Blabber Classic Step 4: Browse to find and select a picture Step 5: Once picture is downloaded, Move the green box to show the area of the photo you want included. Then, click on Blabbermouth to move the mouth to desired location. Got a picture? Blabberize it! Insert a podcast into any picture. For log in or sign up, fill in required info and continue. Green box selects photo display Click on the “open mouth” icon to create a “mouth”

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Step 6: Using the light blue and green dots, outline the space the mouth area. The dark blue dot indicates how far you want the mouth to move. Step 7: Click the microphone to view voice options. Record using the “record” button, call in the audio, or upload a podcast. Step 8: Click on the envelope for preview and saving your blabber. To save, fill in all fields. Step 9: Time to Share! Finished Blabber looks like this. Click Share Light blue and green dots create shape. Dark blue dot designates opening. Use the HTML code to embed to your website. Copy the entire code and embed on your blog or as a “Other Widget” on your wiki.