Basic Thesis Writing Tips

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Provides thesis writing tips to be used as student's guidance in thesis.


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Some Basic Thesis Writing Tips:

Some Basic Thesis Writing Tips

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First of all decide on your topic. If your topic is too general, make sure to narrower subtopic to discuss. After determining the topic that is suitable with you, you can prepare an outline to put your ideas about the topic.

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Then you can write your thesis statement. Your thesis should have an argument. It should not base on opinion statements. It should have thoroughly explored and defendable by evidence Thesis statement should focuses on ideas on one to two sentences to tell the reader what the paper is all about.

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Be clear and avoid using vague words. Make sure to collect sustainable evidence to defend your argument. Read every information relevant to your topic on academic research, trade literature, and information on popular press and on internet.

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Your introduction should catch the attention of the reader and give an idea about your thesis Your conclusion should make your argument clear and provide your reader an indication of why your argument is credible.

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Make sure that you proof-read your thesis carefully to prevent errors in spelling, grammars, and punctuation. You can ask your friends or colleague to help you and proof read your thesis because you can overlook errors when reading your own work.

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