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Small business financing is the means of acquiring finance for an aspiring and current business owners. It is for starting the small business or purchasing an existing small business. For more information, log on to


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Financing for Small Business Robert Smith

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Contents • What is Financing • Difficult to Get Finance for Small Business • Creative Ways for Financing Small Business • Conclusion

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What is Financing • Financing is the way of providing the working capital for the business. • Financing means a way of lending money from any of the financial institution. • It is the field that deals with allocation of assets and liabilities. • There are different areas of finance i.e. personal finance corporate finance and personal finance.

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Difficult to Get Finance for Small Business • Getting small business finance is one of the hardest thing. • Small business does not have perfect credit that creates problem in getting small business loans. • The main reason is that banks thinks that lending small business is the most expensive task.

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Creative Ways to Finance Small Business • Small Business Administration loan : SBA offers loans offer two types if loans i.e. one for entrepreneurs and other for small business loans. • Product Presales : Selling products is an effective way to raise finance for small business. • Home equity loan : Equity of homeowners – the home value – what you owe. Home equity one of the best option for small business loans.

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Contd.. • Selling Assets: Selling the assets to raise finance are also good options.

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Conclusion • Financing is one of the challenging obstacles that any entrepreneur face while starting up the company.

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