Components of A Fire Alarm System


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Components of A Fire Alarm System Be it a home school hospital shopping mall or an ofce installing a fre alarm system ensures the safety of every individual. This system detects the smoke and alerts the people about an imminent danger in the building through loud beeping. The timely detection of the danger helps the people to evacuate faster and minimizing the damage as well. You can get a fre-fghting and alarm system installed and protect your family and employees from the danger. Common Components of a Fire Alarm System Before you get a fre alarm system at your space it is important to know about its components. Depending on the type of space the fre alarm system varies. For example a fre alarm system for residential property would not work in an ofce. Generally most of the fre alarm system includes the following components ● Fire Alarm Panel: Fire alarm panel is the brain of the system. It is the control centre that monitors as well as manages the initiating devices. In case there is an issue the control panel relays the signal to the device. Every control panel has a display and a touch pad. The display provides the current status and with the help of a touchpad you can manage a system like disabling alarms reprogram the system etc. ● Alarm Initiating Device: The devices are of two types manual and automatic. Manual devices are activated by buttons and breaking glass. Whereas automatic devices respond to the physical changes in the environment by detecting the carbon monoxide smoke fames or heat. In commercial spaces a variety of initiating devices are installed at a defned distance. ● Primary as well as Backup Power Supply: T o ensure the continuous working of the fre alarm system there is a primary and backup power supply. The primary power supply works all the time. In the event of power failure the system uses a backup power supply. ● Notifcation Device: Notifcation device is considered as a signifcant part of the fre alarm system. This is the component that gets triggered through initiating device at the fre emergency and provides the alerts through horns chimes or bells. In case you have a manual initiating device you would need to pull the lever for activating the notifcation device. ● Building Safety Interface: The building safety interface helps the system in controlling the elements of the building in need. For example if there is a fre in one area of the building it would adjust the movement of the air. In this way the smoke would not fow to other areas.

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