Google Docs in Education

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Google Docs in Education :

Google Docs in Education Esther Oh EDCO 549 Fall II 2011

What is Google docs?:

What is Google docs? Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor Create new documents Upload existing documents Documents are stored online Accessible from any computer with internet connection

What is available through Google docs?:

What is available through Google docs? Word Processor Spread sheets Presentation Editor Charts Graphs Power point presentations

Population designed for:

Population designed for Google docs was created for the use by anyone who needs to have their documents accessible at all times. Designed for purposes such as Business management Any type of work that requires easy access to documents and editing requirements Education: as a teacher, student, administrator Personal use

Google docs in education :

Google docs in education Google docs is applicable in the following situations in the field of education: Classroom settings At home for students who are working on an assignment Administration purposes Counseling purposes

Google docs in the classroom:

Google docs in the classroom Writing essays and easy submission Document sharing Students can receive peer and teacher reviews on assignments before submission Provides students more of a live audience to receive immediate feedback Collaborative work Students can work on one assignment simultaneously online, on individual computers Co-editing work with other students Collect data Data collection amongst students (ex: science) to provide a precise analysis of any research

Students can edit in different colors:

Students can edit in different colors (Google, 2008))

Math lesson using spreadsheets:

Math lesson using spreadsheets (Google, 2008)

Students can take tests online:

Students can take tests online (Google, 2008)

Collaborate Data Analysis in Science class:

Collaborate Data Analysis in Science class Students conduct an investigation and record results in a shared data table (Castillo & Rivas, 2011)

Science: Analyze collaborative data:

Science: Analyze collaborative data (Castillo & Rivas, 2011)

School Counselors:

School Counselors Create online documents regarding surveys Online Needs assessments accessible by parents and students Collect and analyze data regarding the needs of the students and parents within the school population Pre/Post tests on counseling curriculum

Administration :

Administration School forms can be accessible, downloadable at home Forms can be filled out and submitted via Google docs such as: Permission slips Class registration School activity forms Conduct parent surveys

Google docs contributions:

Google docs contributions Online based so that your documents are available as long as you have internet access There is no need to email the documents to yourself or others No memory space necessary as it is saved and stored online No need to download any software


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