Blocking Out Loud Noises to Protect Your Ears

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We all understand that hearing, as much as being able to see or feel, remains a gift that must not be taken lightly. Therefore we are taught from a young age to make sure that we protect, as far as is possible, our ears and eyes from the harmful effects of too much noise, or too much blinding light. For more information visit:


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Blocking Out Loud Noises to Protect Your Ears We all understand that hearing as much as being able to see or feel remains a gif that must not be taken lightly. Terefore we are taught from a young age to make sure that we protect as far as is possible our ears and eyes from the harmful efects of too much noise or too much blinding light for example. Tink of individuals that are exposed to high levels of harmful sound when they hunt for example. Gunshots are fred by themselves and others in their company – and they are exposed to harsh damaging sound ofen for long stretches of time. Tis may indeed lead to some form of hearing loss either in the short – and most likely – in the long term. Of course one has to take the necessary precautions that exist to counteract these adverse situations. Fortunately there are companies retailers and other marketers out there with the knowledge and experience in terms of which these efects can be limited – even eliminated. Hunters know they can buy ear protection such as

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earmufs and today also very advanced earplugs. Some of these products especially earplugs can be custom made to ft the exact contours of a buyer’s inner ears to ensure the product does not stick out but fts well and protects the ear against unwelcome harmful sound. But for hunters the experience of being out there stalking their prey is just not the same if absolutely all sound is eliminated. It may in fact hinder their efectiveness out there. Terefore the savvy hunter makes sure to look around for the best products that will in addition to blocking out unwanted noise allow him/her to still hear other pleasing sounds such as say birdsong a river’s sound the sound of his mates moving along or talking to him. In short: there are some very good products out there today that do ofer these qualities - allowing through normal sound at low decibel but blocking out those high decibel sounds that can cause harm to your ears – such as gunfre. Of course these are not available everywhere such as those standard plugs or mufs that you can buy over the counter at some gun-shops those that you have a look at and quickly make a choice about. Te best among these are normally found by contacting an exclusive service provider or supplier that specializes in the most advanced of these products. Tey are the companies that have followed with great interest over many years the advancement in technology that makes the new products possible. Tey understand all those aspects that infuence hearing and the damage that can be caused when individuals are exposed to unnaturally high dB sound and they produce quality earplugs that are worn comfortably and removed easily too – all the while with the wearer’s needs and requirements considered.

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To this end the individual needs to see a company that prepares bespoke made to order earplugs. Te process is straightforward: you simply visit such a supplier for ear molds to be prepared according to the shape and contours of your ears. Tey then prepare and manufacture the product you need to protect your hearing from those loud noises on the range or out when you hunt. Of course these companies are not found just anywhere: the hunter or shooter should look around for them. Tey are available as specialist designers/suppliers and you see them advertize their services either in the press or on the internet. Te best ones actually ofer their buyers a variety of these plugs and even though all of them share certain features there are specifc unique features ofered when you contact the best among them. Because this industry like many others advances all the time hunters and shooters are assured of fnding some great quality plugs out there – provided you deal with a great company. About Us Electronic Shooters Protection ESP has been in business for more than 20 years and provides the best in terms of electronic protection for ears. Products are custom made to ft the individual’s ears so as to allow maximum protection while still hearing sound. You hear all natural sounds in the area and you can actually enjoy normal conversation but our products will protect you from the harmful efects of loud and damaging sounds such as gunfre. Our digital products are state of the art and among the best available on the market. For

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more information about ESP and our top range of products please get in touch by visiting

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