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Hello! Time for Season Four of 100 Days of Awesome , everyone’s favorite reality show featuring pixel people who sometimes need to have their dialog bleeped out. We’ll just ignore that Season Three only had one episode and that Season Four is starting, like, super late, shall we? No recaps needed this time around, so let’s just jump right in.


PONG (V.O.): We’ve finally moved out of that little house and into a very nice gated community. It’s a lovely place, and the landlady couldn’t be more helpful. I’m just not sure if it’s the right place for our family.


ANASTASIA: What kind of crap is he talking now? This is the perfect place. I love it here. I plan on staying here until I die, it’s so nice. ( scoffs ) Don’t get me wrong, I like Pong a lot, but sometimes he doesn’t know his bum-bum from a hole in the ground.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): Melanie loves the place, and so does Percy. ANASTASIA (V.O.): How old is that dog by now, anyway? He’s got to be older than Melanie by five or six years, and she’s getting older fast.


PONG (V.O.): One picture after she grows up. One . I don’t care if she changes her look later, you get one shot. If she decides to do any of the tasks, you don’t show her face. Understand? MELANIE (V.O.): I like athletic boys with black hair, but not if their workaholics. I mean, I like money, who doesn’t? But it’s important to spend time with your family too.


REBECCA: Today’s home task is to make a new meal. I’m pretty sure I’ve never made chili before, so that’s what I’m making. REBECCA: I’m pretty sure I haven’t made it before. I mean, the ingredients and motions are familiar, but it’s awfully similar to tomato sauce, for spaghetti, isn’t it?


REBECCA ( disgustedly ): There, see? No memory of making something new. I must have made it before, then. How disappointing.


MELANIE: Mom said I could have a try at making something new. She said I’d pretty much have to be able to get the point, because I wasn’t old enough to cook anything until today in the first place.


MELANIE: But just to be sure, I’m making Grandma’s Comfort Soup. That wasn’t even physically possible to make until recently, so it’s got to be a new meal.


MELANIE: But I didn’t get a memory of making it, so I guess it doesn’t count? That doesn’t seem fair, but I guess rules are rules. ( sigh ) Maybe Aunt Anastasia will have better luck with the community lot task.


ANASTASIA: Pffffffft , who’s got the energy to bother with doing the community lot task today? “Woohoo a service sim”? Since Georgy’s dad moved away, I don’t even know any service sims. And I really can’t be bothered to go to all the work of calling one over and then becoming friends with them and then going to a community lot. ANASTASIA: Besides, what if the service sim turns out to be female when I call to hire them? I am not into that, and I won’t do it. I’ll do whatever the next community lot task is instead, guaranteed.


ANASTASIA: I had to get up early today to keep my promise on that community lot task thing. There are actually two to choose from: “Fire!” and “Fall in love with five sims on the same day.” ( grumbles ) I sure know how to pick ‘ em , don’t I?


ANASTASIA: See, the reason there are two options today when there usually aren’t is because nobody knows if it’s possible to start a fire on a community lot. So I’m going to start this grilled cheese sandwich here, with a nicely buttered pan for extra flammability.


ANASTASIA: Then I’m going to wander over here to the bookstore next door and read aaaaaaaaaaall about fire safety. ( in mock surprise ) Oh, now, willya look at that! I shouldn’t leave food unattended on the stove or it could cause a fire!


ANASTASIA ( disgustedly ): But I left the bleep pan unattended for four hours on full flame and all I got was stupid smoke. So now I have to try and fall in love with five sims.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): But how am I supposed to do that? The stylists are female.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): The barrista is female.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): The cashier is both female and underage.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): The deejay is female. The only person dancing is female. And pregnant. And also my daughter. Note from esmeiolanthe : I don’t know why Allyn’s hair changed with pregnancy, but this really is Allyn.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): The bartender is female. The pool players are female.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): The waitstaff is all female. The diners are all female.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): Okay, that one guy in the tie-dye shirt isn’t female, but come on. Have you seen him? In fact – wait, hang on…


ANASTASIA (V.O.): This guy isn’t so bad looking… ANASTASIA (V.O .) ( disgustedly ): And he was actually responding to me, which not all college guys are smart enough to do these days. I blame the sad state of the public schools these days.


ANASTASIA (V.O .) ( even more disgustedly ): Things were going just great, until I had to go and wet my pants in front of him. How the bleep am I supposed to live that down, huh? Wetting my pants in public, on TV, in front a hot guy.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): At least Rebecca managed the at-home task of counterfeiting money, or the day would have been even worse than it already was.


PONG: Look, I just don’t see how we can keep living here. It’s a beautiful home, and a lovely community, it really is. It’s just that it lags something awful. I guess a 5x5 lot with the best of everything and professional-quality landscaping just isn’t something that we can handle. Note from esmeiolanthe : Much as I love this lot by joandsarah77, my computer was unable to handle it, and I had to move the family to a smaller lot. (Smaller being a relative term, as there were still six bedrooms in the new place.)


REBECCA (V.O.): We were supposed to have a wedding at home for our home task. I asked Win and her young man over and offered to host a wedding for them, since they’re engaged. But they turned me down. REBECCA (V.O.): Oh, they were very polite about it, very diplomatic. But they absolutely refused. Note from esmeiolanthe : I couldn’t initiate a marriage, even with Winifred made temporarily playable. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because of the “temporary” thing?


ANASTASIA (V.O.): So I got a call from the college kid from the other day. You know, the one that I wet my pants in front of, in public? ANASTASIA (V.O.): As it turns out, that works for him.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): I mean, it really works for him. Really really works for him.


ANASTASIA (V.O.): So I figured, what the system crash? I’m probably not gonna get another offer like that at my age, and it gets us the point, and he’s pretty good-looking. So I said yes to Chris. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Pretty sure that’s his name, Chris. Christopher, um, Gonzaga? I think it was Gonzaga. But he’s a Tsvirkunov now, so who cares what he was before?


Note from esmeiolanthe : I did not count the point for learning to make a new meal for Day 1 of this rotation, since neither Rebecca nor Melanie got a memory of making a new meal. If y’all think it’s fair to count the point anyway for Melanie (since she was literally incapable of making any meals at all until she made the comfort soup), then I’ll add it in next round. Let me know what you think! Also, I did roll a community lot task for Day Three… and then completely forgot to go to a community lot. Whoops…


Score Objectives accomplished on a home lot: 2 Objectives accomplished on a community lot: 0 Total points: 2 Total points from last time: 38 GRAND TOTAL: 40 Days played: 42 out of 100