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User Guide OBD II (VT200) Vehicle Tracker Giving life to your ideas!


Please read this instructions carefully before activating/installing the OBD II (VT200) GPS Vehicle Tracker. 4


4 Introduction


Installation Position for OBD II


All the indicators dark means equipment is power off .All of them keep light when the device in sleep state. Move the car to wake up it . Slow blinking means the connectivity is slow/no connection. Indicators LED Flash quickly Flash slowly Red Connecting to tracking system by GPRS No GPRS connection Blue Auto ignition, read car ECU data Car stalls, do not support reading data Green GPS position No GPS position


Insert Sim Card into the OBD Tracker. Call the number to check if it is ringing (it should not be not reachable or switched off ). The Sim number must have 2G data, Calls and SMS pack on it. Check the device IMEI on . Set Host/Server on the Device (Set,888888,server,,5088) Set APN of the device by sending SMS on SIM card number as : # apn #= 405,18,rcomnet,,,# pw,apn,666999, E . Find the device location by SMS (Find,888888,Car) Steps for the Activation


You will need to send text message from your mobile to the device. Please keep in mind that the SMS command starts with ‘ ( ’ , ends with ‘ ) ’ . Separated by‘,’ and all inputs character should be in English. Server setting Format ( Set,Password,server,IP,Port ) ( Set,Password,server,Domain,Port ) Example ( Set,888888,server,,5088) (Set,888888,server ,,5088) Expected SMS (IP:,Port:5088) ( IP:,Port:5088) SMS Commands Syntex


Competitors Analysis -4 APN setting Format ( Set,Password,apn,Apnname ) Example (Set,888888,apn,CMNET) Expected feedback (APN:CMNET) Query location Format ( Find,Password,car ) Example (Find,888888,car) Expected feedback 22.303560N,113.549666 E Password setting Format (Set, Original- password,password , New-password) The initial password is 888888 Example (Set,888888,password,123456) Expected feedback (password,123456)


The Sim card must have enough balance for Data, Calling and SMS. The sim card must be inserted correctly. Device should have been getting signals. The device must be showing in Important Notes


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