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Escrow Group was founded in 2004 by a highly skilled group of lawyers, financial advisors and analysts. For more details visit:


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Escrow Group Hong Kong:

Escrow Group Hong Kong How It Works

How It Works :

How It Works Hitch-Free Payment And Settlement Escrow Group works with you and for you to ensure your transactions settle on the specified settlement date. All clients need to do is submit an instruction telling us when, which transaction and with which counterparty you have agreed a trade for us to settle The counterparty to your trade will also provide an instruction Our systems seamlessly match the two instructions and ensure the seller is in possession of the securities and, if against payment, the buyer is in possession of the appropriate funds for the settlement of the transaction to be completed.

How It Works :

How It Works Efficient & Inexpensive With our reliable, mission-critical systems client risk is minimized, settlement efficiency is maximized and costs are reduced. Delivery against payment (DAP) settlement : - Ensures the concurrent transfer of funds to the vendor and assets/securities to the purchaser Eradicates the inherent risk of paying a counterparty and not receiving the asset/security being purchased Bespoke solutions to accommodate your requirements include:

How It Works :

How It Works The flexibility to settle on a free of payment (FOP) basis Settlement of non-matched instructions (provided the possibility exists in the specific market) Clients take advantage of : - Automated, STP (straight-through processing) and standardized communications protocols to increase settlement efficiency - Settlement-integrated securities lending and borrowing - Settlement in central bank money and/or commercial bank money - Strong asset protection

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Visit us: Contact us: Phone: +85230188991 Fax: +85230061443

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