Biometric Attendance System for Schools

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Technology and technological solutions are virtually everywhere - schools, educational institutions, hospitals, offices, and other place. Among the greatest benefits associated with biometric smart attendance system.


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Biometric Attendance System for Schools ERPACADEME Web: || || Phone: +91-9911779839

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2 Web: || || Phone: +91-9911779839 Attendance monitoring is important for business organizations as well as educational institutions. Gone are the days when marking attendance was done by signing logbooks or calling oral attendance. The method was good but then it ate up enough of time and had a huge scope for error too With biometric attendance system however you can record and monitor your s c ho ol /o r g an i z at i on ’ s attendance without hassle. The Smart attendance system or biometric attendance system is reliable compact and easy to use as well.

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3 Web: || || Phone: +91-9911779839 The ERPAcademe smart attendance system makes use of iris and fingerprints to maintain records. The system makes use of portable scanning device for capturing the images of a fingerprint is backed by attendance monitoring system and helps in tracking in and out time of students teachers and staff members during a specified time period. W ha t’ s more the smart attendance system produces reports useful for decision making and promoting a secure environment.

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Web: || || Phone: +91-9911779839 Thanks to the technology countless things in our day-to-day lives have become easier than ever. Technology and technological solutions are virtually everywhere - schools educational institutions hospitals offices and other place. Among the greatest benefits associated with biometric smart attendance system a few include: Know more about the biometric attendance system  Effective and efficient in recording attendees with the help of a highly secured framework.  Keeping a track of all fingerprint patterns on the campus within a reliable and secure database.  Enables hassle-free processing of database in order to determine specific requirements

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Web: || || Phone: +91-9911779839 The smart attendance system from ERPAcademe makes use of fingerprint data of employees to check and track all those who have been clocking in-out of the office and at what time do the go out and come in. The system builds a map through various coordinates that further builds a unique identity for each recorded fingerprint. How does the biometric attendance system work

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Web: || || Phone: +91-9911779839 Whenever required the coordinates are referenced to every time with the em pl o y e es ’ data that has been stored in the system at the time of initiation. E RP A c ad em e’ s cloud- based smart attendance system helps in better and hassle-free student teacher management scheduling and management of lectures smart attendance management fee management library management etc. To know more visit at 6 Tips To Track Student Attendance During Online Learning

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