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Case Study Report Presentation:

Case Study Report Presentation By Erika Aranda

Background :

Background These 3 case studies were completed at Anton Elementary for a period of 6 weeks. The 3 students were chosen by the teacher based on the need of the students. The intervention program used was Treasure. The interventions were done in one student in 3 rd grade and 2 students in 5 th grade. They all have been attending Anton Elementary for at least 3 years.

Kevin G:

Kevin G Strengths High Verbal Skills Enjoys participating in class discussions Perfect attendance Reading fluency at grade level Fluent in English and Spanish Weaknesses Reading comprehension Far below basis in CST Misses multiple homework Gets frustrated and cries every time he is ask to participate academically

Baseline Data:

Baseline Data The program used to assess Kevin’s reading comprehension is called Treasures. Three areas assessed: Inference, Main Idea and Problem & solution He assessed below basis in all 3 areas Reading comprehension 4/8 Inference 2/8 Problem and Solution 3/8

PowerPoint Presentation:

Intervention Treasure intervention Program 3 days a week for 20 minutes First 3 weeks were focused o teaching author’s purpose and inference Last 3 weeks were focused on teaching Problem and Solution Student used QARS (reading strategies) to help him answer the question Progress Monitoring By second week, he begun to make progress By week 3 he scored 5/8 in main idea and inference and 608 in problem solution By week 4 he scored 5/8 in main idea, 6/8 in inference and 6/8 in problem and Solution By week 5, he scored 6/8 in main idea, 7/8 in inference and 6/8 in problem and solution

PowerPoint Presentation:

Graph Interpretation Great growth in reading comprehension More confident Return reading comprehension homework on a daily basis He gained the reading comprehension skills required for his grade

Joshua G:

Joshua G Strengths Enjoys doing small group instruction Takes lead in small group discussion Reading at grade level Extensive vocabulary Great speller Weakness Difficulty time focusing on whole group or independent work time. Daydreams during writing component Needs to pass the writing ELD exit exam

Baseline Data:

Baseline Data Treasure is the program used to assess Joshua’s writing skills. He was assessed in three different areas (expository, writing a letter and narrative). For all three different assignments, Joshua was missing all of the writing components (multiple paragraphs, describing setting, establishing a topic, use transition words, and have events in sequence and chronological order Joshua was scoring below grade level

PowerPoint Presentation:

Intervention The intervention used is called treasure intervention program Works in 5 th grade key standards broking them down in skills the student needs to master 3 days a week for 25 minutes Each week focused in a new writing skill Used a notebook called the resource book when needed help Progress Monitoring Joshua’s baseline was very low at the beginning of the intervention He begun to improved when he was working in small groups By the end of 4 th week, Joshua was creating multiple paragraphs, using transitional words and have sequence in his writing

PowerPoint Presentation:

Graph Interpretation Great improvement during the six weeks of small instruction in writing He became more confident about his writing and was trying harder Joshua’s strength in literacy made the progress easier Teacher is confident that he would pass the ELD exit exam

Jackie C:

Jackie C Strengths Enjoys working with peers Very friendly and well liked by others Good reading comprehension skills A lot of parent support Very motivated Weakness Struggles with reading fluency Has not meet baseline needed for this time of year Problems with multisyllabic words


Baseline Treasure is the programs that was used to assess Jackie’s fluency level She was assessed in 3 different fluency assessments Her first assessment she read 55 words per minute, the second one was 57 and the third one was 60. At this point she should be reading from 70-95

PowerPoint Presentation:

Intervention The treasure intervention program was used to assess Jackie’s reading fluency Small books are used to help build up the student’s confidence as they increase their fluency Intervention 3 times a week for 20 minutes each day New strategies were taught Sound cards were used Reviewed sight words Progress Monitoring Jackie’s initial baseline assessment was not meeting the third grade standards. She was behind 12 words per minute behind benchmark She memorized most of the sight words and gain confidence She was assessed every week based on intervention reader By the end of week 6, she was reading 78 words per minute

PowerPoint Presentation:

Graph Interpretation By the end of six weeks, Jackie increase in about 18 words per minute Jackie made great improvement Teacher was confident that Jackie will reach her fluency goal