Erick Van Savage - Vice President of Business Development & Operations


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Erick Van Savage : Vice President of Business Development & Operations


30 year human services veteran Erick Van Savage is Vice President of Business Development & Operations today, with no sign of slowing down. Van Savage’ work experience runs the gamut from California to Maine to New York City, while prior to beginning his career in human services Van Savage was a world traveler as a United States Marine ordnance specialist.


Erick Van Savage is a man of many dimensions and his life has not been entirely about work in the maintenance field. A song writer, Van Savage has written over forty songs in the country music genre. He is a previous member of the Nashville Songwriters Association and is familiar with the environs of Nashville. Van Savage enjoys playing the guitar and wants to continue his song writing creativity.


Erick Van Savage has not limited his writing to songs and lyrics. Van Savage has written conservatism for Joe and Joanna Sixpack: Conservative Thoughts for Regular Folks, the Undecided and the Disinterested. Over 190,000 words in length, Van Savage’ unpublished tome discusses the meanings of conservatism and liberalism, and his proposals for a conservative and smaller government which will tax far less and run much more efficiently.


Erick Van Savage enjoys hobbies in his recreational time, especially collecting antiques. Antiques, objects like furniture or art which have a high intrinsic value because of their advanced age, are available in a variety of venues today, including internet auctions, local auction houses, classified ads and from antique dealers.

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