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Epotec has been applied in pools for many years now, most professionals have had the time to compare it to other products. The main comment is, how well it can stay on vertical surfaces, being applied so thick. Other paints would “run” leaving a very unattractive finish that is extremely difficult to fix later, considering that cured epoxy is so hard. For more details visit: https://diypoolpaint.com.au/


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Using Epoxy Filler Holes in concrete smaller ones generally and fibreglass pools may be filled with an epoxy filler such as Megapoxy PM. It’s important to follow the mixing and application instructions carefully. Generally you mix equal portions by knife on a clean board until homogenous. Then knife into the holes slightly over filling.

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It will be quite sticky and difficult to get a smooth finish. To smooth out successfully have a cup of dishwashing detergent and water about 10 -15 detergent is ample. Simply dip in your fingers and then run gently over the Epoxy surface to smooth. Repeat as soon as you feel Epoxy wanting to stick to your fingers.

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Mixing Epotec Epotec comes in a 2 can pack. 2.5 Kgs Resin in a 4 Litre can and 0.5 kg Hardener in a 500 ml can. Open the large can and if there is material on the inside of the lid and upper internal surfaces scrape it down into the rest of the Resin. With both cans open then add all the small can to the big can. That is All Hardener is put into the Resin. At this stage there will be a little Hardener left behind. Mix slowly together with a plastic hand mixer using slow deliberate moves down into and around and then up and out of the mix.

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This will blend the Hardener into the Resin with out putting air into the mix. Make sure you mix the sides and bottom as well. After 2 – 3 minutes you will nearly be finished. Tip any remaining Hardener there will be several teaspoons worth into the Resin and continue mixing for another minute or so till a homogenous mix of uniform colour is observed. Allow to stand 10 minutes to pre react.

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Pool Water Maintenance For maximum life of the coating the pool water quality should be maintained continuously in accord with accepted pool water management practices and the following criteria pH 7.4 -7.8 Water temperature between 5 – 35 Deg C Total Alkalinity 80-120 ppm mim to 160 -180 ppm maximum Chlorine levels 2 – 3 ppm parts per million Calcium Hardness should be closely monitored and kept within 270 – 330 ppm

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