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Epoxy Paint Finish

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Epoxy Coatings The most common coating currently used in pools. There are few brands and types.

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Types of Epoxy Coatings •General Grade •Pool Grade Epoxies

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Other Epoxies Other epoxies have thinners some up to 50 they indeed look good when applied and cover much more area will last for few years however if you want them to last longer then you need 1 2 or 3 extra coats.

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Epotec Epoxies Epotec is called a high build coating. Meaning it goes on thickly and easily to last. This is 100 solids which means no thinners or solvents involved in its chemical structure. Solids make the cured/dry coating.

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Features of Epoxies You get great opacity the paint covers very well leaving very even colour finish You can go on to damp surfaces it can cure under water No solvent to give you headaches Easy mixing and roller application.

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