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http://www.epochloadcell.com/ Call: +91-80-2348 1364 for Loadcells, Loadcell Manufacturers and Dealers. Mobile: 9341230785 Email: [email protected]


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Load Cells, Load Cell Manufacturers and Dealers :

Load Cells, Load Cell Manufacturers and Dealers http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html

Load Cells:

Load Cells A load cell is a transducer which converts force into a measurable electrical output. Epoch Instruments and Control Pvt. Ltd offer you the ultimate range of force measurement load cells and load pin instrumentation suited to all types of load and crane monitoring, weighing, lifting, winching and towing. We have extensive experience with load cells of all types and models and is not limited to offering a particular brand of load cell to our clients. http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html

Load Cell Manufacturers :

Load Cell Manufacturers Epoch Instruments and Control Pvt. Ltd is a manufacturer of load cells and weighing measurement tools. W e have been serving the weighing and measurement industry for over 23 years. At Epoch, we have a complete range of Shear beams, Bending Beams, Pancake and Single point load cells which are all stocked in our warehouse for fast delivery. We have an extensive range of weighing scales from platform scales, bench scales, hanging scales and baby scales, which are reliable and accurate. http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html

Load Cell Dealers :

Load Cell Dealers Epoch Instruments and Control Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Manufacturers, and Dealers of all kind of Load Cells for Digital and Electronic Weighing Scales industrial scales and retail weighing machines. The company's range of load cells includes Shear Beam Load Cells, Single Ended Load Cells, Single Ended Beam Load Cells and S Type Load Cells, As exporters, manufacturers and Load Cell Dealers , Epoch's mission is to rise above its competition and become one of the leading suppliers of high quality load cells. http://www.epochloadcell.com/load_cells.html

Contact Us::

Contact Us: EPOCH INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS PVT. LTD. Address : MIG 132, 1 st Floor, 2nd Stage, 80 Feet Road, K.H.B. Colony, Bangalore - 560079, Karnataka, India. Phone : +91-80-2348 1364 +91-80-2328 3728 +91-80-6576 1259 +91-80- 2559 8268 Fax : +91-80-23283728 Mobile : +91 93412 30785 E-mail : [email protected] Website: http://www.epochloadcell.com/

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For more info Log on to Our Website http://www.epochloadcell.com/