ing or infinitive?

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Ing or infinitive? : 

Ing or infinitive? Grammar practice ING OR INFINITVE by Mª Luisa de Dios Perrino is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial-Compartir bajo la misma licencia 2.5 España License. ESCUELA OFICIAL IDIOMAS VALENCIA (SPAIN)

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I must remember calling my mum tonight, it’s her birthday. I really regret to get married when I was so young Could you please stop tapping your finger? Working for us will mean to live abroad for at least 3 years. X X X

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I’m sorry I forgot to send you the information. As I was driving home I saw Joe walk down the street. After he finished high school he went on going to university I tried to call you but your phone was switched off. X X

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I hate telling you, but your work is simply not up to standard. I dread going to the dentist more than anything else. I tried not drinking coffee before going to bed but I still couldn’t sleep. I was tired of driving so I stopped having a coffee. X X

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I’ll never forget to see the pyramids for the first time. She just didn’t stop. She went on talking about her boyfriend all night. I meant to tell you but it just slipped my mind. As we stood there in the jungle, I could feel something crawl up my leg. X X

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I dread thinking what might have happened if I hadn’t found him. We regret to inform passengers that there will be delays to all services. As I sat there, I heard him breaking a glass in the kitchen. The lights went out and I remember falling on the floor, but nothing else. X X

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