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Entrackr.com is India's biggest and definitive platform for startup news and entrepreneurs related stories, resources, research reports and analysis of the startup Indian startups investors.


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A Modern Newsroom Where News Makes Much More Sense So much is changing around us every day and as such we are never alien to the rapid developments and the technological breakthroughs that are achieved every single day in some parts of the country or the world. With the ever-changing scenarios and impactful knowledge base empowering and guiding us we are almost on the path to creating a whole new world that is full of unlimited potential and a visionary approach. As days progress every sphere of life is marked by incredible progress and innovation. If we take a look at some of the most dramatic transformations the world has undergone in just two decades we will realize how we have been able to achieve incredible feats which only seemed to be impossible before. Overwhelmed with the world around us and the pace at which things are growing on a wide scale it is always nice to cover technology startups Startup Stories and breaking developments with incisive

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analysis and deep insights on daily basis. From the way we communicate to how we consume news shop navigate and entertain ourselves it is worthy to note how things have transformed virtually every aspect of our lives. There is a lot of credit that goes to young startups who have taken things in their hand and have successfully endeavored goals which are worth to be proud of. Being at the forefront of covering news related to an overall tech-driven startup ecosystem and meant to empower entrepreneurs we have been able to build a modern newsroom which tells interesting aspects about these tales and conveys Startup News which helps to bring an everlasting change in the society and communities galore. Being a new age media platform for entrepreneurs startups and technology enthusiasts we have been able to bring inspiring stories and formed formidable relationships with people who have been able to inspire a whole lot of young enthusiasts and bring about a desirable change in the way news is conveyed in India. Whether it was Milk baskets story to evangelize a micro-delivery model and continuing to achieve success despite being written off to 1M1Bs strong initiatives to help create more jobs in India we continuously strive to assemble together the aspects of storytelling technology and journalism and throng to create a platform where Startup News helps to bring about a breathtaking change in the lives of thousands of people. We provide end-to-end coverage of the startup world from new startup funding acquisitions to the launch of new and young organizations and more. To create a different world you just need to tell the story differently and convey whats really needs to be conveyed. With us a strong content is what matters and we are glad we have been able to

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make a niche in the way Startup Stories are told.....Come and listen to us and bring that much-needed change Entrackr:- Email Us:- Editorentrackr.com